LINC'S Vocab List 2 KR

  1. Unwittingly
    adv: showing that one does not know or realize something
  2. Trepidation
    n: a feeling of anxiety or fear about something that isgoing to happen
  3. Lorry
    n: large vehicle for carrying heavy goods
  4. Foyer
    n: a room or hall at the entrance to a public building
  5. Squabble
    v: to argue about something unimportant
  6. Gnarled
    adj: twisted with hard lumps
  7. Imminent
    adj: something that will happen very soon
  8. Demise
    n : the end of something that used to exist
  9. Insomniac
    n: someone who cannot sleep easily
  10. Embodiment
    n : someone or something that represents an idea or quality
  11. Bazaar
    n: a market or area where there are a lot of small shops
  12. Drone
    v: to make a continuous low dull sound´╗┐
  13. Shrouded
    v: something that is covered or hidden
  14. Withered
    adj: to become drier and smaller
  15. Cretin
    n: an offensive word for someone who is extremely stupid
  16. Permeate
    v: spreads through every part
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LINC'S Vocab List 2 KR
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