Micro Chp 28

  1. what are the 4 bacterial diseases associated with cardiovascular system?
    • sepsis
    • bacterial infections of the heart
    • rheumatic fever
    • lyme disease
  2. sepsis
    bacteria growing in blood
  3. severe sepsis
    decrease in blood pressure
  4. septic shock
    low blood pressure that can not be controlled
  5. gram negative sepsis
    endotoxins causes a blood pressure decrease
  6. example of gram (-) sepsis
  7. gram positive sepsis are also known as
    nosocomial infections
  8. 4 nosocomial infections from gram (+) sepsis
    • staphylococcus aureus (skin)
    • streptococcus pyogenes
    • group B streptococcus (dental work)
    • enterococcus faecium (large intestine)
  9. endocarditis
    inflammation of the endocardium
  10. subacute bacterial endocarditis
    alpha-hemolytic streptococci from mouth (viridans)
  11. acute bacterial endocarditis
    S. aureus from mouth and staph epidermidis
  12. pathogenesis of subacute bacterial endocarditis
    bioflim forms which makes it inaccessible to phagocytic killing
  13. treatment for subacute bacterial endocarditis
    penincillin and gentamicin
  14. rheumatic fever
    inflammation of the heart valves
  15. bacterial disease that has autoimmune complication of streptococcus pyogenes infections
    rheumatic fever
  16. causative agent for lyme disease
    borrelia burgdorferi which is a spirochete
  17. reservoir of lyme disease
    deer (east coast)
  18. vector of lyme disease
    ticks in the larval stage
  19. 4 main symptoms of lyme disease
    bulls eye rash, irregular heart beat, enchephalitis, arthritis
  20. large red rash and large lymph nodes is what stage of lyme disease symptoms?
  21. acute involvement of heart and nerves is what stage of lyme disease symptoms?
  22. chronic arthritis is what stage of lyme disease?
  23. 3 bacterial diseases of lymphatic system
    • tularemia (rabbit fever)
    • brucellosis (undulant fever)
    • plague
  24. major sign of tularemia
    ulceration at site of bite
  25. tularemia is a high risk for
    hunters and rabbit skinning
  26. gentamicin
    treats tularemia
  27. brucellosis grows in
  28. with brucellosis you are asymptomatic during the day then
    undulating fever that spikes to 400 C each night
  29. brucellosis is transmitted by
    unpasterized milk or contact with infected animals
  30. tetracycline with rifampin
    treats brucellosis
  31. plague reservoirs
    rats, ground squirrels, prairie dogs
  32. plage vector
  33. bubonic plague
    bacterial growth in blood and lymph
  34. septicemia plague
    septic shock
  35. pneumonic plague
    • bacteria in lungs
    • highest mortality rate
    • human to human contact
  36. yersinina pestis forms
    capsule and plasmid DNA
  37. heterophile antibody
    • no specific to any antigen
    • how we test for mono
  38. signs of yellow fever
    • black vomit
    • jaundice
  39. yellow fever attacks what in the body
  40. get yellow fever by
  41. merozoite
    • damages RBC by forming a ring
    • associated with malaria
  42. malaria step 1
    female mosquito injects spirozoite in blood
  43. malaria step 2
    • spirozoite invades liver and realeases merozoite
    • exoerythrocyte stage
  44. malaria step 3
    liver cells rupture releasing merozoite which attaches to RBC
  45. malaria step 4
    • RBC bursts releasing sexual gametes
    • erythrocyte stage
  46. malaria step 5
    mosquito takes a blood meal
  47. cycle of malaria symptoms
    • cold (chills)
    • hot (fever)
    • wet (sweating)
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