Vocab 12 entry words(130915)

  1. Adroit
    Skillful; handy
  2. Ascetic
    practicing self-denial for spiritual or other reasons
  3. Benighted
    ignorant; uninformed; empty-headed
  4. Brazen
    brash; boldy outspoken; harsh-sounding
  5. Heresy
    a belief or action contrary to standard religious teachings
  6. Inchoate
    just begun; being in the first stage of growth; not fully formed
  7. Inscrutable
    perplexing; mysterious; unable to be understood
  8. Irreproachable
    blameless; fautless
  9. Jaded
    worn-out; exhausted; dulled by overuse or excess
  10. Misanthrope
    a hater of humankind
  11. Narcissistic
    excessively conceited; in love with oneself or one's own appearance and body
  12. Ostentatious
    showy; flashy; overly elaborate or ornate
  13. Perspicacity
    sharp insight; acute perceptiveness; shrewdness
  14. Prattle
    chatter; empty talk
  15. Rancor
    hatred; extreme dislike; intense ill-will
  16. Raze
    to demolish, destroy, or knock down
  17. Repartee
    clever and quick dialogue; witty verbal exchange
  18. Saturnine
    sullen; grave; glum; sulky
  19. Tenet
    a commonly accepted principle or belief
  20. Vicarious
    taking the place of a real experience; participating through another's experience
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Vocab 12 entry words(130915)
Vocab 12 entry words