History treaties and terms

  1. International Criminal Court
    • established by the UN
    • Punished International Crimes
  2. North American Union
    Unity of US created the Amero
  3. No Child Left Behind
    • Bush
    • Education for everyone
  4. USA Patriot Act
    Anti Terrorism
  5. 21st Ammendment
    Repealed the outlaw of alcohol
  6. Flexfuel
    • alternate fuel
    • half gasoline
    • half biofuel
  7. Watergate
    • Nixon
    • State documents
    • reason for Nixons Resignation
  8. Stamp Act
    • Forced Stamps on legal documents,
    • most hated part of grenvilles taxes
  9. Marshall Plan
    Extended $ to europe after World War 1
  10. Good Neighbor Policy
    Promoted USA - Latin American Friendship
  11. Mercantilism
    colonies exist to benefit the mother country
  12. Northwest Ordinance
    Provided For self government in NW territory
  13. Maryland
    Haven for Roman Catholics
  14. Wesleyan College
    1st woman only college
  15. Delaware
    1st state to ratify
  16. Roe vs Wade
    • Abortion issue
    • Legalized abortion
  17. Iran
    63 Americans were taken hostage
  18. GATT
    Established World Trade Organization
  19. Florida
    Contraversial state in 2000 election, determined outcome of 2000 president election
  20. Vermont
    1st State to allow civil unions
  21. Taliban
    Islamic Regime governing Afghanistan
  22. Specified Complexity
    Mathematical probability of evolution = 0
  23. Great Society
    • Improve society and eradicate poverty
    • Johnsons Liberal, social and economic program
  24. Battle of Wounded Kneww
    Last battle between Indians and Federals
  25. Grenada
    US naval base saved from cuba by US
  26. Missouri Compromise
    Equalized slave/non-slave states (1820)
  27. Bill of Rights
    • 10 rights of US citizens
    • (first 10 amendments to the constitution)
  28. Battle of Saratoga
    Turning point in the US war for Independence
  29. Jamestown
    • 1st Permanent settlement in the New World
    • (in Virginia)
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