History test 12

  1. Sandra Day O'Connor
    Chief Justice of supreme court (1st woman to be)
  2. Dwight Eisenhower (2)
    • Republican President
    • General who led D-Day
  3. Ronald Reagan
    "Great Communicator"
  4. William Bradford
    Wrote the history of plymouth plantation
  5. Douglas Macarthur
    Send to philippines in World War 2
  6. Manuel Noriega
    • Dictator of panama
    • Arrested by US troops
  7. Henry Kissinger
    Spokesman for Detente
  8. James J. Hill
    • Rail Road tycoons
    • Built the great Northern Railroad
  9. Robert Weaver
    1st US Black Cabinet Member
  10. Sam Houston
    Supported the Union 1st Black President of Texas
  11. Ferdinand Magellan
    1st to Navigate the world
  12. William Jennings Bryan
    Prosecuter at scopes trial
  13. Jimmy Carter
    Negotiated the camp david accords
  14. James Madison
    Father of the Constitution
  15. Amerigo Vespucci
    America was named after him
  16. Jefferson Davis
    President of the confederacy
  17. Noah Webster
    Wrote the blue backed speller
  18. Hernando Cortez
    Conquered the Aztecs
  19. Roger Williams
    • religious activist
    • established Rhode island
  20. Woodrow Wilson
    • US president
    • known for integrity during World War 1
  21. John D. Rockefeller
    Oil Tycoon
  22. Captain John Smith
    • Governed Jamestown
    • Saved Plymouth
  23. Chales Finney
    • Christian Revival Speaker
    • Best known evangelist in the 2nd great awakening
  24. Samuel de Champlain
    • Father of New France
    • Founded Quibec
  25. Jonathan Edwards
    Sinners in the hands of an angry God
  26. Horace Mann
    Promoted public primary schools
  27. Daniel Webster
    • Great orator
    • Speech of march 7th
  28. John Steinbeck
    Wrote the grapes of wrath
  29. Thomas Edison
    Greatest inventor of all time
  30. Lenin
    • Russian Dictator
    • leader of Bolschovik revolution
  31. George Washington
    • 1st President of the US
    • Only president elected by unanimous vote
  32. Harry S Truman
    • US president
    • Truman Doctrine
    • launched the fair deal
  33. William Howard Taft
    • US president
    • only president to serve as chief justice of supreme court
  34. Franklin D Roosevelt
    Launched the New Deal
  35. James K Polk
    54, 40 or fight
  36. Herbert Hoover
    US democratic president during Great Depression
  37. Theodore Roosevelt
    Speak Softly and carry a big stick
  38. George H Bush
    US president during persian gulf war
  39. Bill Clinton
    Sent US troops to Bosnia and Haiti
  40. Ronald Reagan
    • Stood Against communism
    • Stabalized economy
  41. Warren G Harding
    Believed in Normalcy
  42. Abraham Lincoln
    • US President
    • anti slavery
    • emancipation proclamation
  43. Grover Cleveland
    Only President to serve 2 nonconsecutive terms
  44. John F Kennedy
    Launched the new Frontier
  45. James Madison
    President during the war of 1812
  46. Cyrus McCormick
    Invented the reaper
  47. Mark Twain
    Best known local color writer
  48. Bill Gates
  49. Colin Powell
    • General for desert strom
    • condoleeza rice replaced him as secretary of state
  50. Oliver North
    • Illegally transfered funds to contas
    • Put on trial for iron contras
  51. Tony Blair
    • British Prime Minister
    • Allie With Bush
  52. James Dobson
    • Most respected Christian
    • TV Show - focus on family
  53. Osama Bin Laden
    Al Queda (911 attacks)
  54. Irving Kristal
    Father of Neoconservation
  55. Newt Gingerich
    • Contract With America
    • (low Taxes)
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