English Test 12 quotes

  1. "When John Andros Felt old he felt solace."
    The baby Party
  2. The Very first time pervious Jong Met Selina
    Cabbages is beautiful
  3. Strange... I wonder why i could not kill him
    The enemy
  4. Humans should not be like animals
    Mr Kaplan cuts a Gordion Knot
  5. The Fact that cats know how to look after themselves
    Old man at the bridge
  6. Mr Parkland took a deep breath
    Mr. Kaplan cuts a Gordion Knot
  7. There's something about him that looks American
    The enemy
  8. And to live even a few seconds longer.. Was infinitely better than to die a moment earlier.
    Contents of the dead mans pocket.
  9. Daintiness... Should be the key not of her supper box
    Cabbages is Beautiful
  10. He faces the firing squad erect and motionless to the last.
    The Secret life of Walter Mitty
  11. I've Never heard anybody so rude and common in my life
    The Baby Party
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English Test 12 quotes