English Authors test 12

  1. Battle of the kegs
    Francis Hopkinson
  2. Psalm 137
    Timothy Dwight
  3. Meditation One
    Edward Taylor
  4. Thanatopsis
    William Cullen Bryant
  5. Poor Richards Almanac
    Benjamin Franklin
  6. Sinners in the hands of an angry God
    Jonathan Edwards
  7. Nuts for Skeptics to crack
    Billy Sunday
  8. The definition of the origin of language
    Noah Webster
  9. The Author to her book
    Anne Bradstreet
  10. On Being brought from Africa to America
    Phyllis Wheatley
  11. An escape from alligators
    William Bartram
  12. The open boat
    Stephen Crane
  13. Go down death - a funeral sermon
    James Weldon Johnson
  14. Song of the Catahoochee
    Sidney Lanier
  15. The notorious jumping frog of calaveras county
    Samuel L Clemens
  16. The unerring instinct
    Thornton Wilder
  17. Chicago
    Carl Sandburg
  18. O Captain! My Captain!
    Walt Whitman
  19. The Pedestrian
    Ray Bradbury
  20. There is no frigate like a book
    Emily Dickenson
  21. The coin
    Sara Teasdale
  22. Birches
    Robert Frost
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English Authors test 12
English Authors test 12