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  1. antithetical adj. (antithesis)
    diametrically opposed
  2. apathy n (apathetic)
    lack of interst or feeling
  3. apocryphal adj (think religious)
    of dubious authenticity or origin; spurious
  4. apogee n
    farthest or highest point; culmination; zenith
  5. perigee n. (nadir)
    lwest or closest point
  6. apostate n.
    one who abandons long-held religious or political confvictions, a betrayer of cause
  7. apotheosis n. (theo)
    deification, glorification to godliness
  8. apposite adj.
    appropriate, pertinent, relevan, apropos
  9. apprise v.
    give notice to, inform
  10. approbation n (approbate)
    an expression of apporval or praise
  11. appropriate v. (pronounce ending with "ate" not "at")
    to take for one's own use, confiscate
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