1. Dalton
    showed first experimental evidence to support his model of the atom (1st atomic theory) tiny invisible particles; solid mass
  2. Thomson
    developed a model of the atom in which a pos mass was embedded with neg electrons- "plum pudding model"
  3. Rutherford
    knew from the start that his model of the atom could not exist- nuclear model- protons and neutrons in nuceleus surrounded by neg electrons
  4. Bohr
    developed a model of the arom that was like our solar system- circular orbits around the nucelus
  5. Schrodinger
    his model treats the electron as behaving like a wave, not a particle, as it moves around the nucleus
  6. Heissenberg
    developed a theory in which you could not tell both the speed and position of the electron at the same time
  7. DeBroglie
    described how particles can also have a wave nature
  8. Plank
    showed that energy changed in discrete units called quanta
  9. Hertz
    described the wave nature od light and has w unit named after him
  10. Einstein
    described the particle nature of light (photoelectric effect) and did not believe om quantum mechanics
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