Greek II Quiz 3-30-11

  1. What is rule number 1 for mi verbs
    mi verbs reduplicate in the present and imperfct, using an iota, not an epsilon
  2. What is rule numer 2 for mi verbs?
    mi verbs do not normally have a thematic (connecting) vowel in the indicative mood.
  3. What is rule number 3 for mi verbs
    mi verb personal endings are different in only 3 of the 6 present active forms.
  4. what is the 4th rule for mi verbs
    mi verbs stem vowels can lengthen, shorten, or drop out (ablaut.)
  5. what is the 5th rule for mi verbs?
    mi verbs usually form "kappa aorist"
  6. What is the Rugular Present Endings for mi
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Greek II Quiz 3-30-11
Greek II Quiz 3-30-11