Miscellaneous Bacterial Agents I

  1. What are the stages of Syphilis?
    • Primary Syphilis
    • Secondary Syphilis (very dangerous)
    • Latent Syphilis (sometimes gets skipped)
    • Tertiary Syphilis
  2. Primary Syphilis: Symptoms
    • Chancre forms at the site of T. pallidum entry
    • Some people asymptomatic for this stage
    • Lasts for 2-6 weeks
    • Bacterium escapes into circulation
  3. Secondary Syphilis
    • 1-6 mos post chancre
    • T. pallidum seeded throughout body
    • Fever and rash
    • Sore Throat
    • Lymphadenopathy
    • Some people asymptomatic
  4. Complications from Secondary Syphilis
    • hair loss
    • arthritis like symptoms
    • jaundice
    • mental illness
    • vision problems or discoloration
    • loss of coordination
    • aneurysm
  5. Latent Syphilis symptoms
    • 30% of cases go latent after secondary stage
    • Bacteria "hide"
    • Antibodies still manufactured
    • Individuals become noninfectious
    • Bacteremia in immunocompromised
  6. Tertiary Syphilis and symptoms
    slowly progressive inflammation (takes years or decades), a sequel to latency

    • Symptoms:
    • heart damage
    • neurological damage
    • disabling fatigue
    • gummas (ulcers)
  7. Leptospirosis
    • commonly thought of as a disease of developing countries, most strongly in tropics
    • In the tropics: field workers, Children who play/work around fields, and US combat troops
    • In the US, adolescents and young adults
  8. Symptoms of Leptospiremic phase of Leptospirosis
    • sudden onset
    • fever w/ chills
    • headache
    • body aches
    • vomiting
    • lasts 7 days
  9. Symptoms of Immune phase of Leptospirosis
    • lower fever
    • continued headache
    • Weil's disease may develop in this phase: Kidney destruction, Liver damage, Jaundice, Anemia, and Neurological damage
  10. Lyme Disease: Skin stage
    • Tick bite creates a lesion under the skin where hemolymph and host blood mix
    • bacteria transfer into host
    • bacteria move around under the skin, forming erythema migrans
    • Symptoms:
    • fever
    • fatigue
    • malaise
    • general achiness
    • headache
    • tight neck
  11. Lyme disease: Blood Stage
    • Bacteria move into the bloodstream and travel around the body
    • Crowd into joints, cause symptoms similar to inflammatory arthritis
    • Can get into nervous tissue, create problems
  12. Lyme Disease: Tissue stage
    • Bacteria "hide" from the immune system inside mammal tissue cells where they become "quiet"
    • Symptoms:
    • Fatigue (fibromyalgia)
    • Chronic arthritis
    • Neurological damage
    • Impairment of vision
  13. How to get rid of a tick
    • "Encourage" it to leave:
    • match method
    • vaseline
    • commercial product
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