Industrial Rehab

  1. Ergonomics
    • Ergonomics: method of fitting a work area to the worker
    • ask pt their concerns and what they think solution is
    • goal is to reduce strain on body by maximizing productive work
  2. Governing Agencies
    • OSHA: occupational safety health administration
    • NIOSH: national institute for occupational safety and health
    • * part of CDC prevention
    • *conducts research for making recommendations for preventing work related injuries and illness
  3. worker's comp
    • iowa-employer driven healthcare choices
    • illinois-employee driven healthcare choices
  4. work hardening
    • addresses physical issues of flexibility, strength, endurance, coordination and work-related functional for global outcom
    • interdisciplinary
    • address behavioral and vocatonal needs
  5. primary ergonomic risk factors
    • repetition
    • force
    • awkward posture/position
    • contact stress
    • vibration
  6. repetition
    • repeating samemotion every few seconds or repeating a cycle of motions involving the same body parts more than 2 x per minute for more than 2 consecutive hours in a row
    • loading machine
    • reaching for inventory
    • keying or data entry
    • filing
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