Alphabetical 10

  1. circuitous
    roundabout; not following a direct path
  2. circumlocution
    an indirect expression; use of wordy or evasive language
  3. circumscribe
    to draw a line around; to set the limits; to define; to restrict
  4. circumspect
  5. circumvent
    to frustrate as though by surrounding
  6. civil
    polite; civilized; courteous
  7. clemency
    mercy; forgiveness; mildness
  8. cliche
    an overused saying or idea
  9. clique
    an exclusive group bound together by some shared quality or intrest
  10. coalesce
    to come together as one; to fuse; to unite
  11. coerce
    to force someone to do or not to do something
  12. cogent
    powerfully convincing
  13. cognitive
    dealing with how we know the world around us through our senses; mental
  14. cognizant
    aware; conscious
  15. coherent
    holding together; making sense
  16. colloquial
    conversational; informal in language
  17. collusion
    conspiracy;secret cooperation
  18. commensurate
    equal; proportionate
  19. compelling
    forceful; causing to yield
  20. compendium
    a summary; an abridgement
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