history 10

  1. 4 long term causes
    • -nationalism
    • -imperialism
    • -militarism
    • -alliances
  2. 1 immediate cause
    assassination of archduke franz ferdinand
  3. 4 immediate effects
    • -generation of europeans is wounded or killed
    • -dynasties fall in Germany, Russia, Austria-Hungary
    • -new countries
    • -league of nations
  4. 2 long term effects
    • -nations unhappy with peace settlements
    • -forces that caused war (nationalism, competition, etc.) still exist
  5. 3 new countries
    Austria, Hungary, Yugoslavia
  6. Ethnic conflict in what region helps start war
  7. war originally known as
    the great war
  8. Dates - beginning, Russia out, U.s. in, Armistance treaty
    1914, 1917, 1917, 1918
  9. France + G.B + Russia =
    triple entente
  10. Germany + A/H + Italy =
    triple Alliance
  11. Militarism
    Glorification of war
  12. what development in the world made WWI possible?
  13. Central Powers?
    germany, A/H, bulgaria, ottoman empire
  14. Allies?
    Britain, france, russia, japan, italy
  15. describe western front
    stalemate, trench warfare, miserable
  16. discuss schlieffen plan
    germany would quickly take out france and rush to east before russia broke in
  17. why is the 1st battle of Marne important?
    left schlieffen plan in ruins, turned tide of battle
  18. discuss trench warfare
    masses of soldiers lay in trenches and attack each other, little territorial gain.
  19. discuss eastern front
    mass slaughter of Russians
  20. why was russia at a disadvantage?
    not industrialized
  21. what brought u.s. into war?
    germany was sinking our trading ships
  22. discuss total war
    devoting all resources to war at expense of citizens
  23. Rationing
    people can only buy limited amounts of certain supplies used in war
  24. propoganda
    one-sided info to persuade and keep up morale
  25. human cost?
    • 15 mil:
    • 8 mil soldiers
    • 7 mil civilians
  26. financial cost?
  27. what role did women play?
    replaced men at all jobs outside of war, nurses in war
  28. significance of 2nd battle of marne?
  29. what countries involved in peace?
    U.s., france, britain, italian

    not: germany, russia, a/h
  30. Wilsons plan objective?
    peace without victory
  31. country reps?
    • u.s.: Wilson
    • france: clemenceau
    • britain: george
    • Italy: orlando
  32. european allies plan?
    punish germany
  33. part of wilsons plan that was included in treaty?
    league of nations
  34. why was the euro allies plan different than the U.S.'s?
    different war experience
  35. did u.s. join league of nations?
    no, wanted to practice neutrality, not get tied up in alliances. free trade
  36. Treaty of versaille?
    • league of nations
    • germany gives up colonies
    • pay war reparations
    • guilt clause
  37. 2nd battle of marne?
    1st significant U.S. action, last major German offensive
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