Words of Faith Chapter 5

  1. Actual Grace
    The assistance God gives us in a particular task.
  2. Church
    the assembly of the faithful.
  3. Confirmation
    The Sacrament of Initiation that strenghtens the spiritual life received at baptism.
  4. Fruit of the Holy Spirit
    The good effects that are a result of living the the Holy Spirit
  5. Gifts of the Holy Spirit
    Spititual gifts given by the Holy Spririt that help people live in God's love.
  6. Holy Orders
    When men devote their lives to the church.
  7. Holy Spirit
    The third person of the Holy Trinity.
  8. Marks of the Church
    The four marks of the chruch: one, holy, Catholic, and Apostolic.
  9. Pentecost
    50 days after Easter has ended.
  10. Sanctifying Grace
    God's divine life within us which makes us his friends.
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Words of Faith Chapter 5
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