botony vocab words

  1. Xylem
    Carries water and inorganic nutrients to roots stem and leaves
  2. Phloem
    Carries organic compunds in any direction
  3. Gymnosperm
    Seeds that are not covered by the plant (naked seeds) and are normally in a cone bearing plant.
  4. Angiosperm
    Enclosed seeds that evolved from gymnosperm and are found inside the plant.
  5. apical meristem
    tips of stems and roots
  6. Intercalry Meristem
    between leaves on a stem (good for grasses that are grazed).
  7. Node
    End of each internode, site of leaf attachment.
  8. Internode
    Segments of stem between nodes.
  9. Bud
    Capable of growing new shoot.
  10. Wood
    Secondary growth of xylem
  11. Bark
    Phloem at the outside of stems, and is a protective outer covering.
  12. Stem
    support leaves , storage variations in stem shape/growth and is an adapation to environment.
  13. herbaceous
    Non-woody, soft, young, green, and flexible stems.
  14. Springwood
    Large amount of growth in the spring because there is lots of water
  15. Summerwood
    Smaller amount of growth in the summer because the water is more limited.
  16. Transpiration
    When water evaporates at the leaves.
  17. Cohesion
    When water molocules are attracted to water.
  18. Adhesion
    When water molocules are attracted to something other than water.
  19. Mesophyll
    The photosynthetic layer of plants
  20. Paliside Layer
    The top layer of the mesophyll and is a column of tightly packed cells.
  21. Spongy Layer
    Irregular shaped cells with large air spaces in between.
  22. Stomata
    Allows for gas exchange in the leaf.
  23. Cuticle
    A waxy protective covering of the leaf, it keeps water from evaporating out.
  24. Lower/Upper Epidermis
    Single cell layer covered by a waxy cuticle.
  25. Veins
    Continuous with vascular tiss of the stem and petiole contained within the mesophyll.
  26. Sepel
    Modifed leaf, protects the young flower.
  27. Petals
    Bright colors for those pollinated by animals.
  28. Stamen
    The male reproduction system of a flower.
  29. Anther
    Produces pollen
  30. Filaments
    Stalk-like feature that supports the petals.
  31. Pistil
    Connects the stigma, ovary, style, and ovule (female sex organs).
  32. Style
    Stalk-like and rises out of the overy.
  33. Stigma
    The tip of the style, and is sticky or has hairs to trap pollen.
  34. Ovary
    Enlarged base of a pistil
  35. Ovule
    Reproductive cell ("egg")
  36. Photosynthesis
    Leaves and cholorplast arrangement to maximinze aunlight exposure.
  37. Cholorplasts
    Allows photosynthesis to take place in the plant.
  38. Vascular Plant
    Larger tissues and can live in more environments.
  39. nonvascular plants
    Were the first to evolve and called bryophytes.
  40. Primary Growth
    When a plant grows in length.
  41. Secondary Growth
    When a plant grows in diamater.
  42. Tap Root
    The largest type of root and normally the first root that is sprouted.
  43. Fibrous Root
    Numerous, branched roots that develop from the base of the stem and not other roots.
  44. Adventiitious Roots
    Specialized toots that grow from stems and leaves.
  45. Root Hair
    Extensions of epidermal cells.
  46. Root Cap
    Protective covering of meristem and produces lubricatoin to ease movement through the soil.
  47. Tendrils
    Coiled and wraps around objects to support the climbing of the vine.
  48. Blade
    Broad, flat, and the main site of photosynthesis.
  49. Petiole
    A structure that attches the blade to the stem.
  50. Simple Leaf
    One single blade of a leaf
  51. Compound Leaf
    Albade divided into leaflets.
  52. Double Compound Leaf
    Subdivisions of compound leaves.
  53. Seeds
    Inside is a tough protective outer coat surronding a embryo with a nutriet supply.
  54. Spores
    A reproductive system that spreads its seeds by nature carrying them.
  55. Deciduous
    When trees lose their leafs seasonly.
  56. Guard Cells
    Cells surronding the stomata that regulate the flow of gases.
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