Chapter 16

  1. Nonagression Pact
    An agreement in which nations promise not to attack one another
  2. Blitzkrieg
    "lightning war" - a form of warfare in which surprise attacks with fast-moving airplanes are followed by massive attacks with infantry forces
  3. Battle of Britain
    A series of battles between German and British air forces, fought over Britain in 1940-1941
  4. Atlantic Charter
    A declaration of principles issued in August 1941 by British prime minister Winston Churchill and US president Franklin Roosevelt, on which the Allied peace plan at the end of WWII was based
  5. Aryan
    To the Nazis, the Germanic peoples who formed a "master race"
  6. Holocaust
    A mass slaughter of Jews and other civilians, carried out by the Nazi government of Germany of Vienna
  7. Kristallnacht
    "Night of Broken Glass" - the night of November 9, 1938, on which Nazi storm troopers attacked Jewish homes, buisnesses, and synagogues throughout Germany
  8. Ghetto
    City neighborhoods in which European Jews were forced to live
  9. "Final Solution"
    Hitler's program of systematically killing the entire Jewish people
  10. Genocide
    The systematic killing of an entire people
  11. D-Day
    June 6, 1944 - the day on which the Allies began their invasion of the European mainland during WWII
  12. Kamikaze
    During WWII Japanese suicide pilots trained to sink Allied ships by crashing bomb-filled planes into them
  13. Nuremberg Trails
    A series of court proceedings held in Nuremberg, Germany, after WWII, in which Nazi leaders were tried for aggresion, violations of the rules of war, and crimes against humanity
  14. Demilitarization
    A reduction in a country's ability to wage war, acheived by disbanding its armed forces and prohibiting it from acquiring weapons
  15. Democratization
    The process of creating a government elected by the people
  16. Battle of Midway
    Turned the tide in the war in the Pacific against Japan
  17. Germany
    The Soviet Union signed a nonaggression pact with this country in 1939
  18. Island Hopping
    Allied strategy of attacking islands closer to Japan and not well-defended
  19. Pearl Harbor
    Attack here caused this day to be described as "a date which will live in infamy"
  20. Radar & Enigma
    Both of these were technological advantages for the British in fighting the Battle of Britain
  21. Polish Corrider
    Hitler invaded Poland to regain this strip of land which gave Germany access to the Baltic Sea at Danzig
  22. Charles De Gaulle
    Leader of the French Government in exile and the Free French
  23. Battle of the Bulge
    The final German offensive in the war
  24. Isoroku Yamamoto
    Masterminded the Japanese naval strategy in WWII
  25. Nagasaki & Hiroshima
    The two Japanese cities on which the atomic bomb was dropped
  26. Prime Minister
    Under the postwar constitution of Japan, this head of government was selected by the diet
  27. Poland
    Great Britain and France entered the war when Germany invaded this country
  28. President Harry Truman
    Ordered the use of the Atomic Bomb against Japan to bring the war to the quickest possible end
  29. Internment Camps
    Because they were falsely labeled as enemies, many Japanese were relocated here
  30. Stalingrad
    Russian troops and the Russian winter led to Germany's defeat here
  31. Bataan Death March
    Allied prisoners of war were forced by the Japanese on this terrible hike of 50 miles
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