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  1. 1) Acquisitive (adj)
    • Her eyes gleamed acquisitively.
    • � Eager to acquire things, especially possessions
  2. 2) Clamber (v)
    • When she clambered into the rowboat, she banged her head on a metal oarlock.
    • � To climb quickly but awkwardly, using hands and feet
  3. 3) Corrugated (adj)
    • Opuhumanuu hunched along behind her, and another person -- Liliha realized, a man with a limping gait and a corrugated face � brought up the rear of the strange trio.
    • � Folded into parallel ridges and troughs
  4. 4) Dismissive (adj)
    • The sailor flicked a hand dismissively.
    • � Indicating rejection, especially showing contempt or indifference
  5. 5) Emaciated (adj)
    • Several looked emaciated, with hollow chests, and others had earlobes so swollen, the flesh touched against their shirt collars.
    • � Extremely thin, especially because of starvation or illness
  6. 6) Fissure (n)
    • When she looked down, she saw that deep fissures cracked the flesh on the back of the woman�s hand.
    • � A long narrow crack or opening, especially in rock
  7. 7) Grotesque (adj)
    • Fleshy lumps rose from her forehead, and her lips were grotesquely swollen.
    • � Misshapen, especially in a strange or disturbing way
  8. 8) Indulgent (adj)
    • �Oh, yes, I�ve heard the rumors,� Ahia said, smiling indulgently at Liliha, who strode beside him.
    • � Permissive, tolerant, or humoring somebody�s wishes
    • � Indulgence (n):
    • o A kind or tolerant attitude toward somebody
    • o The gratification of or yielding to a wish
    • 9) Loom (v)
    • As the boat neared land, the Pali loomed taller and steeper, blotting out half the night sky.
    • � To appear as a large or indistinct, and sometimes menacing, shape
    • � To be imminent, often in a threatening way
  9. 10) Permeate (v)
    • A sickening odor permeated the air, and Liliha turned her face aside and gulped the seawind.
    • � To enter something and spread throughout it, so that every part or aspect of it is affected

    • 11) Perpetual (adj)
    • The face looked like someone had taken that same knife and dug at the bridge of the nose and at each nostril, sliced at the mouth so that it opened in a black, perpetual gape.
    • � Lasting for all time
    • � Lasting for an indefinitely long time
    • � Occurring over and over
  10. 12) Ration (n)
    • The doctor said that they�d be given rations of clothing, too, skirts and blouses and even shoes.
    • � A fixed and limited amount of something, especially food, given or allocated to somebody or a group from the stocks available, especially during a time of shortage or a war
    • � The amount of anything that it seems normal or desirable for an individual to have
  11. 13) Solitude (n)
    • Large black boulders littered the shoreline; some stood in dark solitude, others in ominous clusters [.]
    • � The state of being alone, separated from other people, whether considered as a welcome freedom from disturbance or as an unhappy loneliness
    • � The quality of quiet, remoteness or seclusion in places from which human activity is generally absent
    • � A remote or uninhabited place
  12. 14) Sultry (adj)
    • The next morning the air hung sultry and wet across Molokai.
    • � Oppressively hot and damp
  13. 15) Turbulent (adj)
    • The boat bucked across rough, black waves much more turbulent than the surf at home.
    • � Full of violent motion and agitation
    • � Marked by disturbances, changes, and unrest
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