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  1. What are the three encapsulated somatosensory mechanoreceptors?
    • Meissner's corpuscle
    • Pacinian corpuscle
    • Raffini corpuscle
  2. What are three non-encapsulated somatosensory mechanoreceptors?
    • Merkel cell
    • free nerve endings
    • hair follicle receptor
  3. Where are Meissner's corpuscle found?
    Papillae epidermal layers (most superficial)
  4. Where are Pacinian corpuscle located?
  5. T/F: Myelination occurs within the spiral layers of Meissner's corpuscle?
    False, but there are still Schwann cells
  6. Where are Merkel's cells located?
    Epidermal ridges
  7. Which of the mechanoreceptors are the primary afferent nerve fibers?
    Merkel's cells
  8. What are the two proprioceptors?
    • Golgi tendon organs (GTOs)
    • Muscle spindle
  9. Are nociceptors free nerve endings or hair follicle receptors?
    Free nerve endings (but not all free nerve endings are nociceptors)
  10. What are the three nociceptors? When fired?
    • Mechanonociceptor: tissue damage
    • Thermonociceptor: noxious levels >45 C, <17C
    • Chemonociceptor: chemical, algesic mediators

    • A-β

  11. What type of nociceptor does capsaisin bind to?
  12. What type of free nerve ending fibers can Capsaisin destroy?
    C fibers (smallest of all)
  13. What is Sensory transduction?
    How the body makes a mechanical stimulus into an electrical signal

    • -Touch
    • -open cation channels
    • -Na+ moves in depolarizing cells
  14. Is the muscle spindle SA or RA
  15. What is primary hyperalgesia?
    • Chemical nociceptors
    • Threshhold decreased
    • Axons release NT and substance P = Inflammation
  16. What is secondary hyperalgesia?
    • Chemical nociceptor
    • Threshhold decreased of A-delta and C-fibers
  17. Are A-delta and C-fibers myelinated or not?
    Both, just depends where
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