Lesson 57

  1. Acumen
    Mental Sharpness
  2. Allegory
    Symbolical narrative; treatment of one subject under the guise of another
  3. Autocrat
    Person with unlimited influence and authority (usually a negative word)
  4. Conjecture
    An inference or conclusion drawn or deduced by surmise or guesswork
  5. Conspicuous
    Obvious, noticeable, attracting attention
  6. Domicile
    Home or residence, abode
  7. Excoriate
    to strongly denounce or to censure
  8. Gaunt
    Very thin, emaciated, angular
  9. Incapacitate
    to make incapable or unfit; to deprive of capacity
  10. Iridescence
    Quality of exhibiting rainbow-like colors, brilliant appearance
  11. Licentious
    Lacking moral or sexual restraint, wanton
  12. Menagerie
    Collection of live wild animals on exhibition, a varied mixture
  13. Nihilist
    One who believes in total rejection of established laws and institutions
  14. Pastiche
    A hodgepodge
  15. Plausible
    Seemingly acceptable, believable, or possible
  16. Profundity
    Profound knowledge, intellectual depth
  17. Refuge
    Shelter or place of protection
  18. Rivulet
    A small stream, brook
  19. Serpentine
    Resembling a sperpent, wily or tempting; diabolical
  20. Stoke
    To stir up, to amply feed
  21. Stooped
    Bent forward from the middle of the back
  22. Temperate
    Excercising self control
  23. Trowel
    Flat bladed hand tool used to work with mortar or to dig holes for plants
  24. Unwieldy
    Difficult to manage due to size
  25. Vivify
    To make more lively
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