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  1. Who are the four theorist that are most influenital in Career Development today?
    Donald Super, John Holland, Linda Gottfredson, and John Krumboltz
  2. Donald Super's theory has been characterised as a life-span, life-space approach to careers. His early stages (50's and 60's) of vocational development included:
    • 1. Growth (b-15 yrs)
    • 2. Exploratory (15-24 yrs)
    • 3. Establishment (25-44)
    • 4. Maintenance (44-64)
    • 5. Decline (65 +) later became disengagement
  3. Super named five Vocational tasks:
    A.) Crystalization: general vocational goals through awareness

    B). Specification: move from tentative to specific voc. choice

    C). Implementation: complete training/ entering employment.

    D). Stablization: confirming choice by perfomring job

    E). Consolidation: become established in career, advancing and achieving status
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