Psychology Supervision leadership & Nursing Process

  1. When examining a nursery school child, the nurse finds multiple contusions on the body. Child abuse is suspected which are s/s:
    • All leasions including color, shape and location should be documented
    • Child has multiple bruise which could not be explained
  2. Nursing action important in the secondary violence in abuse includes:
    Helping participants discuss the problem, and developing alternatives that can lead to violence move to safe heaven
  3. The following are eating disorders except:
  4. The following are true about normal eating except:
    It can give a feeling of guilt and anxiety
  5. __________ drug seeking behaviors that interfere w/ work, relationship and normal activities
  6. A nurse refers a 14 y/o daughter of an alcoholic which resource is more appropriate?
  7. The pt. is taking anti-buse, the nurse should give additional teaching to pt. if pt. claims that he is using the following products:
  8. The most common abused substance is?
  9. A nurse see's a client who is a cocaine user picking on his skin the client says theres a bug crawling on him the nurse should:
    Tell the client that she doesn't see bugs
  10. A drug of choice for narcotic toxicity is?
    Narcan (Naloxone)
  11. A friend called you crying and saying "goodbye", saying that you will not see her anymore you suspect that she will commit suicide what can be done at this time?
    Talk to your friend as long as possible while contacting 911
  12. The nurse on a psychiatric unit is assigned to stay w/ a severe depressed client the nurse needs to go to the laboratory how should the nurse managed the situation?
    The nurse should have another staff member inform the nurse manager of the need of replacement
  13. _________is a kind of power where the manager may threaten undesirable schedules, denial of vacation, layoff if an employee is not compliant
    Coercive or punishment powers
  14. The five rights of delegation (FILL IN)
    • Right task
    • Right circumstances
    • Right person
    • Right direction/ communication
    • Right supervision/ evaluation
  15. The following could be considered time wasters except:
    Resource management
  16. _________ is a system to determine staffing needs, measures client's illness and use categories to designate the level of care needed
    Acuity system
  17. Steps and time management are the following (SATA)
    • Time to plan and establish priorities
    • Completing highest priority task
    • Reassess and reprioritize tasks based on any changes
  18. The following is true about nursing process? (SATA)
    • Its a scientific method of problem solving
    • Forms an organized frame work for effective nursing practice
  19. ________ Develop the classification system for pt problem and nursing diagnosis student nurses with appropriate termenology
  20. __________ data is information or statements that the pt. makes how she feels
  21. The nurse made a nursing diagnosis of impaired nurse activity related to immobility as manifested by ________which of the following data
    • redness on the perinatial area
    • a decubites 2x3 diminer (ulcers)
  22. Nursing diagnosis statement includes three parts except?
  23. Which of the following types of nursing diagnosis is used when a nurse identifies potential problems?
    Possible diagnosis
  24. The pt is having shortness of breath (SOB) O2 saturation is getting down to 88% the nurse hooks O2 2LT. the nursing action is based
    Physiciological needs
  25. By law the nurse documents all nursing action observation communicates care.
  26. ______ a step in the nursing process where the nurse determines pt response to care provaited is called
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