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  1. Culture
    Belief system held as absolute truth.
  2. Enculturation
    Process by which an individual learns another culture and assimilates its practice and values
  3. Accultration
    Replacement of the traits of one culture with those of another
  4. Assimilation
    Adoption of a different culture by an individual.
  5. Biculturalism
    • Identification with 2 or more cultures
    • Ex: Military
  6. Self-Concept
    Mental image a person has of oneself
  7. Body image
    Feeling and views about one own self
  8. Self-esteem
    How a person feels about self
  9. Role Performance
    Ascribed and assumed behavior in a social position
  10. Faith
    Acceptance of a belief that cannot be proven
  11. Hope
    Trust in the fulfillment of a meaningful event
  12. Spiritual Distress
  13. Spiritual well-being
  14. Holistic
  15. Role Strain
    When a person perceives their self as inadequate for a role
  16. Dyspareunia
    Painful intercourse
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