Reimbursement Quiz

  1. Any person who is identified as receiving life or medical benefits:

    C. beneficiary
  2. According to the birthday rule, if both parents are covered by an employer-provided health policy, the insurnace policy that would be primary for reporting their child's health services is:

    D. parent with the birthday earlier in the year
  3. Abbreviation for reusable medical equipment is:

    C. DME
  4. Management of multiple third-party payments to ensure that overpayment does not occur:

    D. COB
  5. CMS delegates the daily operation of the Medicare program to:

    D. MAC's
  6. A QIO provider is one who:

    A. signs an agreement with the MAC's
  7. This part of Medicare covers the inpatient portion of covered costs after the deductible has been paid:

    C. Part A
  8. This issue of the Federal Register contains outpatient facility changes for CMS programs for the coming yer:

    C. November/December
  9. This is RBRVS payment method:

    A. NFS
  10. Entity responsible for development of the plan that outlines monitoring of the Medicare program:

    D. OIG
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