1st Quarter Recap

  1. On the HTC Inspire 4G, how much is it for Mobile Hotspot?
    • $45 per month which gives you 4GB of Data.
    • $25 for the 2GB + $20 tethering option gives you another 2GB for a total of $45 per month for 4GB
  2. What AT&T Advantage is it that allows you to call any mobile phone anytime unlimited?
    Unlimited Txting now includes Unlimited Calling to ANY mobile phone, includes Family Txt too!
  3. With an AT&T Mifi, what is the cheapest plan available?
    $35 per month for 3GB with $10 per GB overage
  4. AT&T is the only carrier that allows you to do what 2 things at the same time?
    Talk and Surf the web!
  5. With AT&T GoPhone, what is the lowest starting rate?
    $.10 per minute
  6. With GoPhone if I want unlimited txting, how much is it?
    $19.99 per month
  7. For the Tablets and iPad's what is the best solution for monthly service?
    $25 for 2GB of data with $10 per GB overage.
  8. Are the Tablet & iPad plans a 2yr contract?
    No, a credit check is required, but there is no contract on these devices.
  9. What is the name of the program that lets you keep your unused minutes that nobody else offers?
  10. For the widest selection of phones, the fastest network, ability to talk & surf the web, call any mobile phone unlimited anytime, and keep your unused minutes, which carrier should a customer go with?
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1st Quarter Recap