pharm quiz 3

  1. ___ is a B vitamin that is also used to lower cholesterol and lipid levels---may cause facial flushing
  2. which class of antihypertensive medications would be least likely to be administered to 77 year old florence, a retired socialite with the following diagnosis:
    gouty arthritis hemorrhoids, asthma, and peripheral vascular disease?
    beta blockers
  3. patients taking NSAID's and anti-hypertensive meds should be instructed to monitor their:
  4. one concern about all antidysrhythmic drugs is that they

  5. hypokalemia causes the patient on digoxin to have

  6. a nurse should question an order for calcium channel blocking agents in a patient with
    heart failure
  7. ace inhibitors and angiotensin-receptor blockers both work to decrease blood pressure by
    preventing the utilization of angiotensin II
  8. which medication should the RN question administering to the client with stage c heart failure?
    Ibuprofen (motrin), an NSAID
  9. the client with essential hypertension is prescribed the beta blocker, metoprolol (lopressor). which assessment data would the nurse question administering this medication
    the client's apical pulse is 56
  10. because of the vasodilatory effects of nitroglycerin on vessels, this drugn primarily changes what?
    preload and lessens oxygen demand requiring close monitoring of blood pressure
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pharm quiz 3
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