Medical Postions

  1. Horizontal Recumbent/Supine
    Patient is lying down on his back with arms at sides.
  2. Dorsal Recumbent
    Patient lies on his back with both legs flexed.
  3. Prone
    Patient is on their stomach, with head turned to one side and arms flexed at the elbows with hands at head.
  4. Sims'/Lateral Recumbent
    Patient is on left side with right leg flexed and left leg slightly flexed.
  5. Knee-Chest/Genupectoral
    Chest and knees are placed flat against the table with knees separated. The buttocks extend upward with the back straight. Patients that have difficulty with position can be modified to knees to elbows (Genucubital)
  6. Fowler's
    Patient is sitting up in bed at 45 degree angle. 30-45 degrees=Semi-Fowler's. 90 degrees= High Fowler's
  7. Lithotomy
    Patient lies back with their legs in stirrups and buttocks at the end of the table.
  8. Trendelenburg/Shock
    Patient is supine with their feet elevated slightly above their head. Modified Trendelenburg=the patients legs are bent over the end of the table.
  9. Jacknife
    A special table is needed for this position. The patient is in a semi-sitting position with the shoulders elevated and the thighs flexed at right angles to the abdomen.
  10. Proctological
    A special table is needed for this position. The patient is face down with buttocks upward.
  11. Anatomical
    Standing erect with arms at sides and palms facing forward.
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