CH midterm [5]

  1. Alfred Lord Tennyson
    • 1809-1892
    • Poet-Romantic Forms
    • "In the moreum"="in memory"
    • about his best friend that died
    • Reviewers said "Oh, never has a woman written so moving for her dead hubby." BUT he's just.. a guy.
  2. Lady of Shalott
    What makes her half sick of shadows? she sees the couple having sex, she wants that. She has no one..she's imortal until the knight in shining armor comes along and suddenly, she's mortal.
  3. Feminism
    Demanding full women's rights as human beings
  4. First wave feminism
    • Strive for legal/public opportunity
    • --People, opportunity, in the public realm
    • right to vote, access to education, entrance to professions, higher pay/safer work
  5. Women and modernity photos
    • wearing graduation hat/robe
    • super cool on her new bike
    • bicycles were new technology, and it was sexxxy
    • bicycles were cheap
  6. Maurice LeBlanc
    • wrote: Voici des Ailes (1898)
    • Victorian soft porn
    • people ride their bicycles out to the country to have SEX
    • women can't ride bikes, they wear dresses!
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