SCI 10.1

  1. It is estimated _______ new cases of spinal cord impairment occur in the U.S. annually.
  2. This is a relateively low-incidence disability effecting a predominately young population and is associated with lengthy and costly care.
    Spinal Cord Injury (SCI)
  3. Spinal cord injuries are divided into
    traumatic and non-traumatic classifications
  4. These types of accidents are the most frequent cause of traumatic SCI
    Motor vehicle (45.6%)
  5. Falls
    rank second at 19.6% most frequent cause for traumatic SCI
  6. 1/2 population who suffer traumatic SCI are
    between 16-30 years old
  7. Of traumatic SCI population
    • 82% are males
    • 18% are females
  8. non-traumatic injries generally result from
    a disease or pathologic influence
  9. Examples of non-traumatic injury causes
    • thrombosis
    • embolus
    • vertebral subluxationsecondary to rehumatoid arthritis
    • infection sucah as syphilis and spinal neoplasm
  10. It is estimated that non-traumatic etiologies accoun for ___ of all spinal cord injuries.
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