1. the most advanced stage of HIV infection: it severely weakens the body immune system
    acquired immunodeficiency syndrome(AIDS)
  2. a lack of response to skin testing that indicates the bodys inability to mount a normal response to invasion by a pathogen
    anergic reaction
  3. a disease causing microorganism carried in a hosts blood & transmitted through contact with infected blood , tissue, or body fluids
    bloodborne patogen
  4. a painless ulcer that may appear on the tongue, the lips, the genitalia, the rectum, or elsewhere
  5. an international recognized research protocol designed to evaluate the efficacy or safety of drugs and to produce scientifically valid results
    clinical drug trial
  6. a blood test the confirms the presence of antibodies developed by the body's immune system in response to an initial HIV infection
    enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay(ELISA)
  7. a white lesion on the tongue associated with aids
    hairy leukoplakia
  8. white blood cells that are a key component of the bodys immune system and that work in coordination with other whit blood cells to combat infection
    helper T cells
  9. a retrovirus that gradually destroys the bodys immune system and causes AIDS
    human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)
  10. having an impaired or weakend immune system
  11. a blood test used to confirm enzyme- linked immunosorben assay (ELISA) test results for HIV infection
    immunofluorescent antibody (IFA) test
  12. a condition characterized by yellowness of the skin, eyes, muccous membranes, and excretions, occurs during the second stage of hepatitus infection
  13. abnormal tissue occuring in the skin, and sumtimes in the lymph nodes & organs manifested by reddish purple to dark blue patches or patches or spots on the skin
    kaposis sarcoma
  14. exposure to a pathagon through mucous membranes
    mucocuteneous exposure
  15. exposure to a pathogen through a puncture wound or needlestick
    percutaneous exposure
  16. fatal
  17. a blood test used to confirm enzyme- linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) test results for HIV infection
    western bbt test
  18. the ease with which people can move into and out of space
  19. able to be emptied or used up, as with supplies
  20. a solution sprayed on a slide immediately after the specimen is applied. It is used to preserve and hold the cells in place until amicroscopic examination is performed
  21. an examination performed by a physician to confirm a patients health or to diagnose a medical problem
    general physical examination
  22. a water sulable gel used during examination of the rectum or vaginal cavity
  23. blood contained in some other substance, not visible to the naked eye
    occult blood
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