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  1. "Out of 1st Chapter: What does ""Data beats opinion"" mean."
    "Out of 1st Chapter: What does ""Data beats opinion"" mean."
  2. Market Interconnectivity
    Market Interconnectivity
  3. What is Metrics
    "A measuring system that quantifies a trend, dynamic, or charateristic."
  4. Why do we need Metrics
    "When you can measure something and express it in numbers, you know something about it. If you can't measure it, you can't manage it."
  5. "What is meant by ""Mastering Metrics"""
    You are fluent in metrics and can perform relevant calculations on the fly.
  6. What is the relationship of hits to page views.
    • "Page views refers to the number of times a web page is served. Hits, by contrast, represent pageviews multiplied by the number of files on a page."
    • Hits = Page Views * # of files on a page.
  7. What is the relationship of page views to visits?
    By measuring visits relative to pageviews, marketers can determine whether viewers are investigating multiple pages on a website.
  8. What is the relationship of visits to visitors?
    Useful in determining the type of traffic generated by a Website — a few loyal adherents, or many occasional visitors.
  9. List your top ten marketing metrics in order and explain your process for selecting them´┐Ż
    • 1. Net Profits
    • 2. Margins
    • 3. Sales Total
    • 4. Visits
    • 5. Return on Ad Spend
    • 6. Referring Sites
    • 7. Keywords
    • 8. Customer Satisfaction
    • 9. Bounce Rate
    • 10. Abandonment Rates
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