I-Marketing Test - Google Analytics Terms.txt

  1. Average time on site
    The average time visitors spend on a website.
  2. Map overlay
    Provides a visual representation of site usage by location.
  3. Percent New Visits
    The percentage of total visits that are new as opposed to return visits.
  4. Direct Traffic
    Visits that came directly to the site.
  5. Referring Site
    The graph shows the overall trends in traffic volume from traffic that was sent from other sites while the table lists the sites driving the trends.
  6. Search Engines
    The graph shows overall trends of visits sent from search engines while the table lists the search engines driving the trends.
  7. Keywords
    Graph shows the overall trends of traffic sent from keywords while table shows keywords driving the trends.
  8. Top Content
    Which are the most commonly viewed pages of your site, and how are they used?
  9. Top Landing Pages
    How effectively do your landing pages entice visitors to click further into your site? Shows Entrances and Bounce Rates.
  10. Top Exit Pages
    From which pages do people exit your site? Shows Exits, Pageviews, and % Exits.
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I-Marketing Test - Google Analytics Terms.txt
I-Marketing Test - Google Analytics Terms