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  1. convalescence
    • -gradual recovery of strength and health after illness
    • After she got the flu, she slowly regained her convalescence and became able to go to school.
  2. salient
    • -projecting/pointing outward
    • The salient pier invaded the straight shoreline, extending into the ocean.
  3. prodigious
    • -abnormal, monstrous
    • Only if we made a prodigious effort that exceeded our capabilities would we be able to jump over the wide river.
  4. inveigle
    • -entice, lure
    • She inveigled her children inside from playing in the snow with the warm scent of hot chocolate and gingerbread.
  5. consternation
    • -a sudden alarming amazement or dread resulting in confusion
    • When he glimpsed the flying cow over his rooftop, a look of consternation crossed his face.
  6. emphatic
    • -strongly expressive
    • He talked emphatically about his dog, his voice welling with emotion.
  7. genial
    • -pleasantly cheerful
    • My dog genially barked a greeting to me as I walked in, welcoming me back home.
  8. deign
  9. eloquence
    • -using language with fluency and aptness
    • They talked with such graceful eloquence that it was difficult to understand the subject of their conversation, since they used such big words.
  10. menacing
    • -threatening
    • She glared at me menacingly, warning me not to speak of what she had just told me.
  11. inane
  12. indignant
    • -feeling characterized by strong displeasure
    • I indignantly walked up to my sister and demanded my necklace back after she stole it again.
  13. connive
    • -to cooperate secretly
    • Although it was hard to notice, the siblings were conniving so that they could work together and convince their parents to unground them.
  14. venerable
    • -impressive due to great age or dignity
    • The chapel's majestic old-world architecture made it appear greatly venerable.
  15. inure
    • -accustomed
    • I eventually became inured to waking up early for school again and gradually stopped oversleeping.
  16. insidious
    • -seemingly harmless but of great effect
    • I was skeptical of the exercises at first, but they turned out to be insidious and immediately produced results.
  17. mordant
    -sharply sarcastic
  18. effulgence
    • -shining forth brilliantly, radiant
    • The sun suddenly appeared with effulgence, blinding us with its brilliance.
  19. denude
    • -to strip the covering from
    • She denuded him of his land after the divorce, keeping the house and leaving him with nearly nothing.
  20. latent
    • -present but not visible
    • There was a latent tension between them after they broke up, which seemed obvious to me but neither of them dared to admit it.
  21. jounce
    • -bounce, move joltingly
    • She jounced around on the trampoline, hyper and full of energy.
  22. imperil
    • -endanger
    • He contemplated swimming with the sharks, but thought that imperiling himself like that would be too great a risk.
  23. perturbation
    • -mental disturbance/agitation
    • Her constant humming perturbed him so he couldn't think properly and became annoyed.
  24. accentuate
    • -to give emphasis or prominence to
    • Her blue sweater accentuated her bright eyes, making their blue color stand out more than usual.
  25. vigilant
    • -keenly watchful to detect danger
    • I was careful to keep vigilant the first night we went camping, because we didn't know if we would encounter a mountain lion.
  26. imprudent
    • -incautious
    • He imprudently walked through the jungle, seeming not to be worried about possibly meeting a dangerous animal.
  27. circumspection
    • -observation or action, caution
    • Being a new driver, he approached the parking space with circumspection, carefully backing into it.
  28. impair
    • -to make or cause to become worse
    • His vision became impaired after he was dared to look at the sun for a minute without stoppingl
  29. peremptorily
    • -imperious or dictatorial
    • She peremptorily demanded a puppy for her birthday, and her parents followed these orders.
  30. intuitive
    • -perceiving by intuition
    • I intuitively knew that she was upset because I could tell that she was feigning a smile.
  31. pretext
    • -excuse
    • She used the fact that her sister had taken her hairbrush without asking as a pretext to get her in trouble.
  32. chagrin
    -mental uneasiness
  33. felicitous
    -well-suited for the occasion
  34. fusillade
    -a simultaneous or continuous discharge of firearms
  35. languor
  36. benediction
    -an utterance of good wishes
  37. supine
    -lying on the back with face/front upward
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