theory review II

  1. pt. can use at home, used for education, motivation, and evaluation of home-care success...these are uses for __________ indicies and scoring methods
  2. _______ trials are planned to determine an effect of an agent or procedure on the prevention, progression, or control of a disease and measures effectiveness
  3. what is the study of disease characteristics of populations (trends and patterns), designed for groups for people rather than an individual?
  4. why would indicies and scoring methods be used for a community?
    to collect data through screenings of a community, and recognize the need and address it
  5. what are the four types of scoring methods?
    • individual assessment score
    • clinical trial
    • epidemiologic survey
    • community surveillance
  6. what is an inactive substance or preparation with no intrinsic therapeutic value given to satisfy a pt's symbolic, need for drug therapy; used in controlled studies called?
    a placebo ya!
  7. the total number of cases of a specific disease or condition in existence in a given population at a certain time is called:
    prevelance! so interesting!
  8. assessment of many individuals to disclose certain characteristics or disease in a population is called:
  9. the study of relationships of various factors that determine the frequency and distribution of diseases in the human community; study of health and disease in populations is called:
  10. what is the ability of an index or test procedure to measure consistently at different times and under a variety of conditions; reproductability, consistency called?
  11. what is the rate at which a certain event occurs as the number of new cases of a specific disease occurring during a certain period of time called?
  12. what are the three criteria for a useful and effective index?
    • simple to use and calculate
    • minimal equipment and expense
    • does not cause pt discomfort
  13. what is designed to indicate perio status in a rapid and effective manner and to motivate the pt to seek necessary complete perio assessment and tx?
    PSR periodontal screening and recording
  14. what motivates a pt to seek perio assess and tx, and screening procedure to help determine need for perio?
  15. PSR is divided into ______
  16. t/f a special probe, color coded between 3.5-5.5 with a .5mm ball at the tip is used in PSR
  17. what is the .5mm ball at the tip of the probe used for in PSR?
    to detect calc, overhangs and irregularities
  18. t/f CPI (community perio index) is used on adults and children. make sure to probe under age 15
    false! DO NOT probe under 15
  19. what is used to indicate sulcus bleeding?
    SBI sulcus bleeding index
  20. how is the SBI used?
    probe all 4 areas of the tooth and wait 30 seconds between areas
  21. which survey has a coding of 0-5, per tooth divided by 4, and per individual = total scores divided by # of teeth?
  22. which index is for interproximal sulci?
    GBI gingival bleeding index
  23. which index uses two interproximal sulci/tooth; and omit distal surfaces of last teeth?
  24. what tool is used to measure GBI?
    • unwaxed floss interproximally
    • wait 30 seconds between areas
  25. which index is used for interdental areas?
    EIBI eastman interdental bleeding index
  26. which teeth are used for EIBI?
    all teeth in dentition
  27. a wooden interdental cleaner is used for EIBI, how long do you wait in between to repeat 4 times?
    15 seconds
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