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  1. One common characteristic of protists
    eukaryotic: have a nucleus
  2. Example of a funguslike protist
    Scrambled egg slime mold
  3. What kind of consumers are funguslike protists?
  4. Where are slime molds found?
    Cold, damp, shady places
  5. Example of slime molds
    Pretzel Slime Mold
  6. What do slime molds do when unfavorable conditions occur?
    They develop spores: stalk-like structures with knobs
  7. Importance of phytoplankton
    makes most of the world's oxygen
  8. Plantlike protists include:
    Red algae, green algae, brown algae, diatoms, dinoflagellates, & euglenoids
  9. How algae obtain food
  10. Where do red algae live?
    Tropical oceans
  11. Where do brown algae live?
    Cool areas
  12. Where do green algae live?
    Water or damp soil
  13. Where do diatoms live?
    Salt and fresh water
  14. Where do dinoflagellates live?
    Salt Water
  15. Characteristics of Euglenoids
    Both plants and animals
  16. What is the purpose of flagella?
    Flagella are used to help euglenoids move
  17. How do amoebas move?
    Pseudopodia (false feet) sticks to a surface and the rest of the cell flows, then the other pseudopods retract
  18. What is the shape of Amoebas?
    Glass ornaments (due to their shell)
  19. How do amoebas capture food?
    Amoebas surround the food with its pseudopodia (false feet), forming a vacuole
  20. Example of symbiotic flagellate
    lives in guts of termites
  21. Cilia
    hairlike threads that move 60 times a minute to help the ciliate move around
  22. Example of a ciliate
  23. What is a macronucleus in a ciliate?
    It is one of the 2 nuclei in a ciliate in which helps direct everyday function of the cell
  24. What is a micronucleus in a ciliate?
    It is one of the 2 nuclei in which helps pass genes to another paramecium during sexual reproduction
  25. Spore-forming protists
    Parasitic (Parasites); absorb nutrients from the host
  26. Plasmodium vivax
    Spore-forming protists that cause maleria
  27. How do fungi obtain food?
    Fungi either decompose the food that they are living on or near or they are parasitic (parasites)
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