Micro Biology lecture test 2

  1. What are the 4 types of media
    enriched, differrentia, selective and plate count
  2. What does enriched media mean
    • It is fortified
    • ex: brain, heart and fussion agar
  3. What does Differrentia media mean
    • It is agar that posesses a ph indicator
    • ex; indo agar and emb agar.
  4. what color does endo agar go to
    Pink to purple
  5. What color does emb agar go to
    purple to green sheen
  6. What is selective media
    agar that posesses a growth inhibiter to reduce unwanted growth (highly selective)
  7. Give one example of a selective media
    • Staph 20 agar (20% NaCl agar)
    • halophilic-survives high salt
  8. SS agar stands for
    Salmonella/shigella agar
  9. What is the inhibiting factor of SS agar
  10. What is plate count
    Nutrient agar (all purpose media)
  11. Give 4 PH indicators
    Phnalphthalein, Phenal Red, Methol Red and Bromthymal blue
  12. What color is phenalphthalein in an acid state
  13. What is phenalphthalein in a base
    pink (used in exlax)
  14. What is phenal red in a netral position
  15. What is phenal red in a base
  16. What is phenal red in a acid
  17. What color is Methal Red in a nutral state
  18. What color is Methol Red in a base
  19. What color is Methol Red in an acid
  20. What color is Bromthymal blue in a nutral state
  21. What color is Bromthymal blue in a base
  22. What color is Bromthymal blue in an acid
  23. What color is lipmus paper
    • Acid-red
    • base-blue
  24. Ph paper
    test tape
  25. Ph meter
    measured the concentration of hydrogin ions
  26. What are the factors needed to measure growth
    • proper ph (most 6.8-7.2)
    • proper neuirient
    • proper temperature
    • proper atmosheric condition (oxygen)
  27. what are the effects of temperature
    • psychophiles (cold lovers)(5-20c opt 15)
    • mosophiles 20-40c (opt 30-37c= 98.6)
    • thermophiles Hot lovers (40-70c opt60c)
  28. How do we remove oz
    • Thioglycolate broth (boil off oxygen)
    • Wrights tube (acid + base> h20+salt
    • hcl+NaOH>Nacl+H20
    • H2-CO2 gerator
  29. How do we measur growth
    • Turbitity,
    • Cell mass,
    • Nitrogen level,
    • slide count
    • plate count
  30. What is turditity
    • Cloudyness- use a spectrophotometer neasures dead and live bacteria cells,
    • used to make vaccines
  31. How do we use cell mass to measure growth.
    • Grow cells,
    • pour off the supernatant,
    • dry the cell
    • weigh cells
  32. How do we use Nitrogen level to measure growth
    Nesler neagent + NH5. yellow-brown increase NH5-increaseyellow brown. More color more bactria
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