hist exam 2e

  1. 1. Hitler demanded, and was given, what area in northern czechslovakia?
    a.slovakia b. sudetenland c. danzig d.serbia
    answer b
  2. 2. ___ administered the Nazi’s final solution
    a.Heinrich himmer b.Rienherd Heydrich c.Adolf hitler d.Heinrich strasser
    answer A
  3. 3 Great Britain’s policy of ____ toward Germany was based on the belief that the satisfaction of reasonable demands would maintain peace inEurope
    a. firm resistance b.detente c.Anschluss d. appeasement
  4. 4. Neville Chamberlain boasted that the Munich Conference meant
    A. Great Britain had made Germany back down.
    B. Germany and Russia were allies.
    C. “peace for our time.”
    D. “safety for Mother England.”
    Answer: c
  5. 5. The Battle of Stalingrad was a crushing defeat for Germany because
    A. the German army vastly outnumbered the Swiss army, and yet could not take the city
    B. the entire German Sixth Army, considered the best of the German troops, was lost
    C. the Soviet army then used the captured tanks and other weapons to push Germany completely out of the Soviet Union.
    D. it was the first major defeat suffered by the German army, proving they were not invincible.
    Answer b
  6. 6.The ____ was the period of political tension following World War II.
    A. Iron Curtain
    B. Yalta Era
    C. Cold War
    D. Potsdam Period
    Answer c
  7. 7. The American commander in the Pacific was
    A. George S. Patton
    B. Dwight D. Eisenhower
    C. Bernard Montgomery
    D. Douglas MacArthur
    anser d
  8. After a daring raid on Berlin by Great Britain, Hitler
    A. continued his bombing of British military targets
    B. intensified his bombing of British military targets
    C. began targeting non-military British targets
    D. none of the above
    Answer c
  9. Why was “Anschluss” a problem for European stability?

  10. Which of the following correctly lists the countries annexed/invaded by Hitler in their proper order from earliest to latest?
    A.Poland, Austria, Czechoslovakia

    B.Poland, Czechoslovakia, Austria

    C.Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland

    D.Czechoslovakia, Austria, Poland
  11. Germany and Russia signed the___
    Nazi-Soviet Non Agression Pact
  12. The most famous of the Nazi death camps was _________.
  13. The second atomic bomb was dropped on ____________.
  14. Pearl harbor was attacked on
    dec 7 1941
  15. The Munich conference was called to deal with
    the crisis of czechoslavakia
  16. The turning point was the battle of
  17. Blitzkrieg means
    lighting war
  18. The british prime minister who practiced appeasement was
    Nevill chamberlin
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