Human Sexuality Test 3 class notes

  1. Homosexuality
    Sexual orientation is a scale, not a category (0-7)

    sexual preference defined as behavior
  2. Homosexuality
    Focus on arousal and desire

    • graph on x and y axis: x is heteroeroticism and y is homoeroticism
    • -right hand upper: bisexual
    • -left hand upper: Gay
    • right hand lower: heterosexual
    • -left hand lower: asexual
  3. Homosexuality
    An adult whose motivated by a definite erotic preference for members of the same gender and usually, but not always, participates in overt sexual relations with them
  4. Homosexuality
    Makes a distinction as different levels (to what extent does this aspect of their life define who they are

    • -gay/lesbian: "this is who i am"
    • -homosexual: this is my lifestyle
    • -same sex attraction: this is how i feel
  5. Sensuality
    being in tune with a sensory experience
  6. Sexuality and the Elderly
    Clitoris does not change with age

    • breast shape/size will change but sensitivity remains
    • -erection of nipples less intense

    sex flush less intense

    vagina is less acidic and more prone to infection

    vaginal walls thin

    vaginal lubrication decreases
  7. Sexuality and the elderly
    • Erection takes longer and requires direct stimulation
    • -may be less firm
    • -less ejaculate
    • -return to flacid state quicker
    • -longer refractory period
  8. Sexual Reponse
    Masters and Johnson
    Underlying processes
    • vasalcongestion: blood flow
    • myotonia: muscular contraction
  9. Masters and Johnson
    Male Response Cycle
    Excitement Phase
    • first indicator is erection
    • -speed determined by age, fatigue, drugs

    testes pull up toward body

    heart rate, bp go up

    skin of scrotum smooths out

    testes swell

    erection of nipple (myotonia)

    about 1/2 of men will show sex flush
  10. Masters and Johnson
    Male Response Cycle
    Plateau Phase
    Mans erection becomes more stable

    darkening of glans

    • clear fuid at tip of glans
    • -some lubrication fuction
    • -may contain live sperm

    • testes continue to pull up and turn forward
    • -cremaster muscles do this function, and if extended creates blue balls effect

    testes continue to increase in size until they are 50-100% larger than normal

    heart rate and bp continue to rise
  11. Masters and Johnson
    Male Response Cycle
    • Muscular contractino is rhythmic in pelvis
    • -first cause pooling of ejaculate at base of penis
    • -rest cause ejaculation in spurts

    spike in heart rate and bp

    general tensing of muscles

    intense pleasure, feeling lost, a sense of union with partner
  12. Masters and Johnson
    Male Response Cycle
    Resolution Phase
    • Refractory period
    • -can last from one minute to one hour +
    • -with each episode the period lengthens

    body reverses process from excitement and plateau phases

    contentment, peacefullness
  13. Masters and Johnson
    Female Response Cycle
    Excitement Phase
    • beginning of lubrication in vaginal walls
    • -vasalcongestion

    inner part of vagina increases in size (tenting)

    uterus elevates making cervical opening larger

    nipples become erect

    labia majora part and flatten

    labia minora open and swell

    heart rate and bp rise

    clitoris enlarges (more pronounced)

    sex flush begins in chest

    end marked by sweling of breasts, veins become pronounced
  14. Masters and Johnson
    Female Response Cycle
    Plateau Phase
    • opening of vagina tightens
    • -vasalcongestion
    • -orgasmic platform

    clitoris retracts inside body

    breasts continue to swell

    if phase is extended, lubrication may diminish

    heart rate and bo continue to rise

    moving to the end of this phase, the labia minora become darker in color
  15. Masters and Johnson
    Female Response Cycle
    Some women cannot orgasm

    some experience multiple orgasms

    intense pleasure, getting lose, sense of union

    • muscular contraction in pelvic region
    • -vagina, sphyncter

    general muscle tension

    more variety
  16. Masters and Johnson
    Female Response Cycle
    Resolution Phase
    May or may not have refractory period

    changes that have occurred reverse
  17. Criticism of the Masters and Johnson Model
    loss of orgasm=failure

    sexual intimacy is more important than orgasm
  18. Gender Differences
    Sexual Response Cycle
    more variety in women than in men
  19. Gender Differences
    • Female plasticity
    • -women are more "adaptable"
    • 1. more variety culturally
    • 2. more likely to change over time
  20. Gender Differences
    Erotica (more of a plot than porn)
    • Men are more responsive than women
    • -by self report
    • -by actual physical change its actually about the same
  21. Gender differences
    Men and women describe similar experiences

    no reliable difference in descriptions
  22. Types of Orgasm
    Clitoral vs. vaginal

    clitoris was seen as immature and non-feminine

    vaginal was seen as more mature and feminine because viewed in the context of intercourse
  23. Types of Orgasm
    Masters and Johnson
    • One kind of orgasm
    • -main source of stimulation is clitoris, but key experience is vaginal
  24. Types of orgasm
    3 kinds

    • 1. Vulval
    • -primary site is clitoral, contractions in orgasmic platform, no refractory period

    • 2. Uterine
    • -stimulation og vagina (g spot), woman has momentary refractory period, deeper feel, may hold breathe

    • 3. Blended
    • -combination of the two
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