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  1. What hormone activates Na reabsorption?
  2. What ion can activate Na reabsorption just like Aldosterone does? Why?
    • K+
    • Because it has to be secreted in exchange for Na+
  3. What system activates aldosterone?
    Renin-Angiotensin II system
  4. What hormone drives water reabsorption?
    ADH (Vasopressin)
  5. Was arterial BP falls, what is the goal with Na?
    Reabsorp b/c water will follow
  6. What are the two main functions of ANP?
    • 1) increase GFR and NaCl filtration
    • 2) Inhibit NaCl reabsorption via renin/aldosterone block
  7. What are the two causes of ADH release?
    • 1) High plasma osmolality
    • 2) Decrease plasma volume
  8. What gland releases ADH?
    Posterior pituitary gland
  9. How do the SNS and PNS work together to help us urinate?
    • SNS: relax detrusor, constrict internal sphinctor
    • PNS: Constrict detrusor, relax internal sphinctor
  10. Which system, SNS or PNS, is active during filling and emptying?
    • Filling: SNS
    • Emptying: PNS
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