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  1. Industrial Revolution
    • Date: mid 1800s not a specific date.[unevenly and gradually]
    • where? England.
    • Creation of mechanized factory system capable of producing vast quantities at own demand
    • Massive and swift, accompanies enlightenment
    • england didn't have war, therefor industry not overrun with soldiers
    • people kicked off their land and went to the cities
    • steam engine invented
  2. Image Upload 1
    • spinning jenny
    • 1764
    • Does the work of 20 people and faster
  3. Image Upload 2
    • 19th Century mill with spinning mules
    • Women workers, male oversear
    • Childeren young as 4 working to fix mules
    • spinning machine-kid's arms got cut off
  4. Image Upload 3
    • Firefly locomotive
    • 1839
    • First viable mass-produced locomotive
  5. Free Market Captalism
    • Labor was regulated, but not for the new industries
    • Child labor keeps cost down, maximizes profit
    • Socialist political philosophers and activists argue for social equality and protection of workers' rights.
  6. Adam Smith
    • 1720s-1790
    • The market decides payment and wages
    • Wealth of Nations
    • --advocates replacement of Mercantilism with Free Market Capitalism.
    • Economy will naturally self regulate to reach best prices and greatest profit.
  7. William Blake
    • 1757-1827
    • Engraver
    • Romantic Poet
    • --Art, lyric poetry, political liberalism, christian mysticism

    • Songs of Innocence:
    • Little lamb, I'll tell thee,
    • Little lamb, I'll tell thee:
    • He is called by thy name,
    • For He calls Himself a Lamb.
    • He is meek, and He is mild;
    • He became a little child.
    • I a child, and thou a lamb,
    • We are called by His name.
    • Little lamb, God bless thee!
    • Little lamb, God bless thee!
  8. William Wordsworth
    • 1770-1850
    • Middleclass
    • fathered child in Revolutionary France
    • poets are more passionate, contemplative, and imaginative
    • poetry to express/excite powerful feelings
    • supports truths with passions, not testimony
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