OB Meds

  1. classification of Ca Gluconate?
    electrolyte replacement
  2. use of Ca Gluconate?
    antidote for hypermagnesium
  3. usual dosage for Ca Gluconate
    1g IV over 3-5 min
  4. classifcation of celestone (betamethasone)?
  5. use of Celestone (betamethasone)?
    • increase fetal lung maturity
    • given to mom in PTL at 24-34weeks gestation
  6. usual dosage of celestone (betmethasone)?
    12.5mg IM q 24 hrs x2 doses
  7. classification of dinoprostone (prostin E2)?
  8. use of dinoprostone (prostin E2)?
    termination of pregnancy
  9. side of effects of dinoprostone (prostin E2)?
    • nausea
    • vomiting
    • diarhea
    • fever
    • **can be premedicated with tylenol, antiemetic & antidiarrheal**
  10. classification of Hydralazine (apresoline)?
  11. use of Hydralazine (apresoline)?
    • Blood pressure control
    • acute hypertension
  12. how is hydralazine (apresoline) administered?
    given slow IV push
  13. classification of Lorazapam (ativan)?
    CNS agent
  14. use of Lorazapam (ativan)?
    • anticonvulsant treatment
    • used during a seizure
  15. how is lorazapam (ativan) stored?
    in the refridgerater
  16. classification of magnesium sulfate
  17. use of magnesium sulfate
    • anticonvulsant treatment
    • treatment of PTL
  18. effects of magnesium sulfate during loading dose
    • facial flushing
    • warmth
  19. signs & symptoms of hypermagnesium
    • loss of reflexes
    • respiratory arrest
    • cardiac arret
  20. what is the first sign of hypermagnesium?
    decrease in DTRs
  21. what is magnesium sulfate the first choice drug for?
    • first choise during seizure and anti-seizure
    • treatment for PTL
  22. what is the therapeutic level of magnesium sulfate?
  23. how is magnesium sulfate administered?
    given through an IV infusion pump
  24. classification of methyldopa (aldomet)
  25. use of methyldopa (aldomet)?
    drug of choice for antihypertensive maintenance
  26. classification of nifedipine (procardia)
    calcium channel blocker
  27. use of nifedipine (procardia)
    • tocolysis
    • blood pressure control
  28. effects of nifedipine (procardia)
    • hypotension
    • tachycardia
    • facial flushing
    • headache
  29. what is nifedipine (procardia) given with?
    terbutiline (brethine)
  30. what should nifedipine (procardia) NEVER be given with?
    magnesium sulfate
  31. classification of terbutaline (brethine)
  32. effects of terbutaline (brethine)
    • hypotension
    • tachycardia
    • palpitations
    • pulmonary edema
    • facial edema
    • fetal tachycardia
  33. use of terbutaline (brethine)
  34. how is terbutaline (brethine) administered
    • given IV through infusion pump titration then moved to PO.
    • May use SQ doses for acute sort term use.
  35. classification of Bupivicaine (marcaine)
    local anesthetic
  36. use of bupivicaine (marcaine)
    epidural anesthesia
  37. effects of bupivicaine (marcaine)
    complications r/t hypotensive episode with epidural
  38. what needs to be monitored when bupivicaine (marcaine) is administered?
    BP is monitered q 15 min with epidural anesthesia
  39. classification of Butorphanol (stadol)
    narcotic analgesic
  40. use of butorphanol (stadol)
    pain relief
  41. effects of butorphanol (stadol)
    • sedation
    • can cause trasient loss of FHR variability
    • neonatal respiratory depression if given close to delivery
  42. classification of fentanyl citrate (sublimaze)
    narcotic analgesic
  43. use of fentanyl citrate (sublimaze)
    synergistic effect with epidural anesthesia
  44. effects of fentanyl citrate (sublimaze)
    • adverse effects r/t hypotension w/ epidural
    • not absorbed systemically
  45. classification of meperidine (demerol)
    narcotc analgesic
  46. use of meperidine (Demerol)
    pain relief
  47. effects of meperidine (demerol)
    • sedation
    • can cause transiet loss of FHR variability
    • neonatal respiratory depression if given close to delivery
  48. classification of misoprostol (cytotec)
  49. use of misoprostol (cytotec)
    cervical ripening
  50. what other use does misoprostol (cytotec) have
    also used as an abortifacient in 2nd trimester
  51. classification of nalbupine (nubain)
    narcotic analgesic
  52. use of nalbupine (nubain)
    pain relief
  53. effect of nalbupine (nubain)
    • sedation
    • can cause transient loss of FHR variability
    • neonatal respiratory depression if given close to delivery
  54. classification of oxytocin (pitocin)
  55. use of oxytocin (pitocin)
    • labor induction
    • prevention of PPH
  56. what is oxytocin (pitocin) the first line drug for?
    prevention and treatment of PPH
  57. how is oxytocin (pitocin) administered
    given through IV infusion pump titration.
  58. classification of promethazine (phenergan)
  59. use of promethazine (phenergan)
    • prevention & treatment of nausea/vomiting
    • synergistic with narcostics
  60. effects of promethazine (phenergan)
    can cause extrepyramidal effects. use lowest does
  61. classification of xylocaine
    local anesthetic
  62. use of xylocaine
  63. classification of carboprost tromethamine (hemabate)
  64. use of carboprost tromethamine (hemabate)
    • severe PPH
    • 3rd line drug for PPH
  65. classification of Docusate Sodium (colace)
    stool softener
  66. use of docusate sodium (colace)
    prevention of constipation
  67. classification of ferrous sulfate (feosol)
    iron replacement
  68. use of ferrous sulfate (feosol)
    prevention & treatment of anemia
  69. what should patients be informed of before administering ferrous sulfate (feosol)
    • may turn stools dark
    • take with vitamin C to increase absorption
  70. classification of ibuprofen (motrin)
  71. use of ibuprofen (motrin)
    pain relief
  72. classification of medroxyprogesterone acetate (depoprovera)
  73. use of medroxyprogesterone acetate (depoprovera)
    birth control
  74. administration of medroxyprogesterone acetate (depoprovera)
    • given q3months IM
    • if breastfeeding wait 6 weeks
  75. classification of meruvax II (rubella vaccine)
  76. classification of methylergonovine maleate (methergine)
  77. use of methylergonovine maleate (methergine)
  78. administration of methylergonovine maleate (methergine)
    • 2nd line drug for PPH (IV)
    • can be continuged PO
  79. effects of methylergonovine maleate (methergine)
    may increase BP
  80. classification of morphine sulfate (duramorph; morphine)
    narcotic analgesic
  81. use of morphine sulfate (duramorph; morphine)
    pain relief (surgical)
  82. effects of morphine sulfate (duramorph; morphine)
  83. how is morphine sulfate (duramorph; morphine) used.
    • duramorph placed in the epidural line for onctinued paid relief up to 24 hours
    • morphine usual drug in PCA
    • also given in RR for pain relief
  84. classification of naproxen sodium (anaprox)
  85. use of naproxen sodium (anaprox)
    pain relief
  86. classification of oxycodone/acetaminophen (percocet)
    combination analgesic
  87. classifcation of rho(D) immune globulin (rhogam)
  88. use of rho(D) immune globulin (rhogam)
    prevention of development of antibodies to fetus's Rh-positive blood
  89. administration of rho(D) immune globulin (rhogam)
    • given antepartum to mom who is Rh negative at 28 weeks and after amnio or abortion
    • to Rh negative mom at delivery whose baby is Rh positive
  90. classification of beractant (survanta)
    lung surfactant
  91. use of beractant (survanta)
    improve lung surfactant to decrease incidence of RDS
  92. administration of beractant (survanta)
    • given intratracheal only w/i 15 minutes of birth
    • rescue given with 18 hours of age
    • indicated for infants 600-1750g
  93. use of erythromycin 1% ointment
    antibiotic used for prevention neonatorum ophthalmia
  94. administration of erythromycin 1% ointment
    • should be given w/i first hour of life
    • state law
  95. what does erythromycin 1% ointment prevent?
    prevents blindness from gonorrhea & chlamydia
  96. use of Hep B Vaccine (Recombivax HB)
    prevention of HepB
  97. administration of Hep B Vaccine (Recombivax HB)
    • recommended w/i 1st 12 hours after birth
    • series of vaccines
  98. use of naloxone (narcan)
    reversal of resperatory depression r/t narcotics
  99. administration of naloxone (narcan)
    given IM
  100. classification of Phytonadione (aqua mephyton)
    vitamin K
  101. use of Phytonadione (aqua mephyton)
    prevention of hemorrhagic diagnoses of the newbown
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