American Revolution Review

  1. what date was this battle fought?
    april 19, 1775
  2. what was the significance of Lexington and concorde?
    • the first battle
    • outcome was a tie
  3. When was Bunker Hill fought?
    June 17, 1775
  4. who fought whom at bunker hill?
    washington vs howe
  5. significance of bunker hill
    • the hill was strategically insignificant
    • americans defended until they ran out of ammunition and then they ran
    • a lot more british died than americans
    • it was a tie
  6. when was the battle of long island fought?
    august 17, 1775
  7. who fought at long island?
    washington vs. howe and clinton
  8. significance of long island?
    • the british showed how powerful they were
    • first big victory for the british
    • clinton showed how good he was
    • british won
  9. dates of Trenton/Princeton battles?
    • dec 26, 1775
    • jan 3, 1776
  10. who fought at trenton/princeton?
    washington vs howe
  11. significance of trenton/princeton?
    • washington crossed the delaware river and attacked the hessians by surprise
    • a big win for the americans
    • washington escaped being trapped and attacked princeton and won
    • outcome: washington beat the hessians and won princeton
  12. what date was Bennington fought?
    aug 16, 1777
  13. who fought at Bennington?
    the green mountain boys and Stark vs Baum and Beymann
  14. significance of Bennington
    • battle was part of the three-pronged plan
    • purpose was to stop British supply raids
    • outcome: americans won
  15. dates of Brandywine and Germantown?
    • Brandywine: sept 11, 1777
    • Germantown: oct 8, 1777
  16. who fought at brandywine/germantown?
    washington vs howe
  17. significance of brandywine?
    • british won by attacking from the back
    • special forces allow washington to escape
    • outcome: british win
  18. significance of germantown?
    • americans take germantown but are unorganized
    • british reorganize and take it back
    • outcome:tie
  19. date battle of saratoga
    oct 17, 1777
  20. who fought at saratoga?
    gage and arnold vs bergoyne
  21. significance of saratoga?
    main outcome: bergoyne wins the battle and the french enter the war
  22. monmouth courthouse date?
    june 28, 1778
  23. monmouth courthouse fought by who?
    washington and lee vs. clinton
  24. monmouth courthouse significance?
    • lee attacks and fails miserably
    • washinton steps in, fires lee in front of all his men, then he takes over
    • british excape during the night
    • outcome: americans win
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