EMB Exam 2 Review

  1. Pattie Wayne-Brinkman
    She worked as a freelance cinematographer and videographer. Requires work under extreme working conditions and heavy lifting.
  2. Paul Boscarino
    Station Manager and Director of Sales for Clear Channel Radio ofGrand Rapids, Michigan who changed his major from dj to sales manager.
  3. Brian Demay
    Webmaster. Discusess that he updates morning shows, ensures family-friendiness. Learning basics of web design is especially important.
  4. Tips for electronic journalism
    • Be prepared to:
    • make squat
    • know all the jobs
    • work crummy hours/holidays
    • roll with the punches
    • be all knowing
    • competitive
    • picked apart
    • local celebrity
    • wishing for more
    • most exciting career imaginable
  5. Cara Stern Carriveau
    Began in Clare, Michigan. Now works in Chicago for top-rated rock station. Reads men's magazines and sports because largest portion of audience.
  6. Attitudinal Research
    Reveals reactions, reasons for action. As revealed in their attitudes toward programming and advertisements.
  7. Focus Groups
    Small panels that gain insights about people's motivations through informal discussion interview sessions.
  8. Program analyzers
    Devices which enable test group members to express favorable, neutral or unfavorable reactions by pushing buttons at regular intervals on cue. Ultimately shows where viewers' change interest.
  9. Auditorium testing
    Staged theater previews where reactions and discussions show viewer reactions.
  10. Billboard
    Gets results by calling media stores and asking for most popular
  11. Q-Scores
    A form of audience measurement that estimates image (familiarity and likability) rating of major performers, artists and the popularity of specific programs among various demographic groups.
  12. ENG (Electronic News Gathering)
    1-2 people, tripod, camera and simple lighting with a microphone. Lacks a lot of control. Capturing event as it occurs. News/Sports/Breaking News Events. Traveling and capturing events as they happen.
  13. Film Style Productions
    Patterned after motion picture production. High-end network production (sitcom), motion pictures and commercials. Actors, lighting, scripts.
  14. Studio Productions
    Productions that are inside of a studio. Nightly news, ESPN, Inside Edition. Television shows in front of a live studio audience. 4-5 camera people, scripted.
  15. Floor Director
    Director's assistant in the studio. Tell talent when to talk, when to go on, tell them time.
  16. Technical Director
    Operates video switchers. Each camera has a different button. Instant replay for events. Visual effects have a button on switchboard.
  17. Computer Graphics
    Multiple names, hired based on the program they're capable of using.
  18. Camera operators (studio or hard cameras and handhelds)
    Big cameras typically on tripods. Handheld go on shoulder.
  19. Tape/EVS operator
    Play news packages, commercials, operate what is playing on the television. Instant replay for sports
  20. Principals of journalism
    Accuracy, Balance, Objectivity, Ethics

    ABOE(A Bowl Of Eggs)
  21. News director
    Manager who hires, determines stories, makes ultimate decisions about ethical controversial topics
  22. Executive producers
    Resolves issues between different daypart producers and makes final decision.
  23. Assignment editor
    Often intern/college student to become reporter or producers. Works at news desk. Watches other news stations for breaking news.
  24. News desk
    Answer phones for people calling in news station, calls other source to ensure accuracy. Listens to police scanners.
  25. Producers
    Determine what's going on newscast, what stories will be covered, different producer for different times of news
  26. Field Producers
    Investigative journalism, work on a news report overtime, not breaking news.
  27. Reporters
    Interview, deliver news, write news stories.
  28. Photog
    Shoots video footage
  29. Editors
    Edit national news pieces
  30. Writers
    Usually prodcer does writing, sometimes large stations have a writer.
  31. Things to know when starting off journalism career
    Start off small, long hours/low pay, doing several jobs at once, exposure to intense subject matter, subject to public critism/praise, deadline pressure, celebrity, learn a lot, contribute to society
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