Andrew Jackson Test

  1. List some of Andrew Jackson's main accomplishments

    War Hero, a peoples man, started rumors of Corrupt Bargain, Trail Of Tears, 2 Term President.
  2. Who was Henry Clay?
    Ran against Jackson in 1832; lost, Secretary of State to Adams, was said to be part of the Corrupt Bargain.
  3. Who was Martin Van Buren?
    Jackson's Secretary of State and Vice President. Won presidential election in 1836.
  4. Who was John Q. Adams?
    President in 1828 when Clay shifted his votes to Adams (corrupt bargain), lost second time to Jackson.
  5. Who was William Henry Harrison?
    Won Presidential Election in 1840, first Whig to win, "man of the people."
  6. Who was John Marshall?
    The Supreme Court justice.
  7. What was Cherokee Nation v. Georgia about and who won?
    The Cherokee Nation asked to become a separate nation, request was rejected and Georgia won
  8. What was Worchester v. Georgia about and who won the case?
    John Marshall decided that Georgia can have no power inside Indian Territory.
  9. National Republicans
    Supporters of Adams and Clay.
  10. Democrats
    Pro Jackson.
  11. Whigs
  12. Election of 1828 and 1832
    Jackson won both of them easily, first against Adams, second against Clay.
  13. Panic of 1837
    Economic Collapse because there was no U.S. banks, only State Banks who made too many loans.
  14. Tariff of 1828
    Tax on iron, textiles and other products. North Carolina argued that they had the right to nullify taxes that were unfair. North Carolina was upset because it did not benefit them.
  15. Tariff of 1832
    Lowered some taxes but raised others including iron and textiles, North Carolina nullified it and warned the U.S. Government not to use force to enforce it.
  16. Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions
    Passed in opposition to Alien and Sedition Acts.
  17. Nullification and Nullification Crisis
    Do states have the right to nullify a law or not? South Carolina argued that it was one of their implied rights, and Daniel Webster argued that we all belong to the same Union.
  18. Secede from Union- threat by North Carolina
    Not to use force to enforce the tariff otherwise South Carolina would seceede.
  19. States Right
    Power to secede or not.
  20. Campaign of 1840
    Parades, drinking, parties, became a form of public entertainment and not a lot of real politics.
  21. "To the victor goes the spoils."
    Said of Andrew Jackson after he replaced parts of the government with his suppporter and openly defended it as "furthering democracy"
  22. Strong national government
    A strong federal government is one that is made up of individual states and that allows for these individual state's governments to maintain certain powers and aspects of soverignty, but also reserves many powers and aspects of soverignty for a stronger central national government
  23. People's president
    Jackson believed in working man and not the rich.
  24. Indian Removal Act
    Where Indians were "relocated" to Western lands.
  25. Indian Territory
    Places with only Indians.
  26. Growth in Political Democracy during the time period
    More voters and economic growth.
  27. Jackson and the National Bank issue
    Jackson believed that the bank benefited the rich and not the working class
  28. Protective tarrifs
    Made to protect the young companies in America from European companies such as Britain.
  29. Spoils System
    The practice of rewarding government jobs to loyal supporters of the party that wins an election.
  30. "John Marshall has made his decision. Now let him enforce it."
    Andrew Jackson in reference to Native Americans.
  31. "Trail of Tears"
    Trail that the Cherokees took. Out of 15,000 Cherokee people 4,000 of them died.
  32. House of Representatives and 1824 election.
    Jackson won popular and electoral but not a majority. Therefore it went to the House of Representatives. Henry Clay then influenced the House of Representatives to shift the votes that had been given to Clay to Adams thus giving Adams the majority.
  33. "Corrupt Bargain"
    Said to have taken place between Adams and Clay. Clay gave his votes to Adams and in return, Adams made Clay his secretary of State.
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