Latin Lesson Two

  1. appropinquat
    he/she/it approaches
  2. delectat
    he/she/it pleases, delights
  3. narrat
    he/she/it tells, reports
  4. salutat
    he/she/it greets
  5. sunt
    they are
  6. ludus
    game, show; school
  7. elephantus
  8. me
  9. cur
  10. ecce!
    See! There! Voila!
  11. etiam
    also, even
  12. hodie
    today, nowadays
  13. non
  14. nunc
  15. sed
  16. solum
    just, only, merely
  17. tum
    then, afterwards, at that time
  18. non solum... sed etiam
    not only..., but also
  19. aegrotat
    he/she/it is ill
  20. simia
  21. Nunc Marcus et Cornelia, Aemilia et Titus sedent et gaudent, nam
    Lucius et Gaius appropinquant; rident et salutant. Cornelia narrat:
    "Hodie etiam Tullia et Claudia adsunt. Ecce! Ibi sedent."
    Gaius rogat: "Cur Quintus non adest?"
    Tum Marcus: "Quintus aegrotat, sed ibi sunt Titus et Aemilia!
    Ludus non solum me delectat, sed etiam..."
    Subito Aemilia vocat: "Ecce elephantus, ecce simia!"
    Claudia et Cornelia et Aemilia gaudent et rident.
    • Now Marcus and Cornelia, Aemilia and Titus sit and are happy, because Lucius and Gaius approach, laughing and greeting.
    • Cornelia asks: "Today even Tullia and Claudia are here. See! There they sit."
    • Gaius asks: "Why Quintus is not here?"
    • Then Marcus: "Quintus is ill, but there are Titus and Aemilia! Ludus not only me pleases, but also..."
    • Suddenly Aemilia shouts: "There elephant! There monkey!"
    • Claudia and Cornelia and Aemilia are happy and laugh.
  22. -nt (ending for what kind of verb?)
    Third person plural (they)
  23. ii
    they (male or mixed groups)
  24. eae
    they (groups of females)
  25. ea
    they (groups of items)
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