DH Theory II

  1. a pt's voluntary agreement to a tx plan after details of the proposed tx have been presented and comprehended by the pt.
    informed consent
  2. a pt's decision to refuse recommended tx after all options, potential risks, and potential benefits have been thoroughly explained
    informed refusal
  3. List 7 risk factors for periodontal infections
    • behavioral (inadequate biofilm removal, diet, noncompliance w/recommendations)
    • tobacco use
    • systemic conditions (diabetes, decreased immune factors, osteoporosis, osteopenia)
    • hormonal considerations (pregnancy, menopause)
    • nutritional status
    • Iatrogenic factors
    • genetic factors
  4. List 3 risk factors for oral cancer.
    • tobacco use
    • alcohol use
    • sun exposure (lips and face)
  5. which type of consent is given either orally or in writing?
  6. which type of consent is granted by the pts presence in the dental chair, only applies to data collection procedures, data analysis, and tx planning?
    implied consent
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