PSY605: Memory

  1. Types of Memory
    • Sensory Memory: 100-500ms
    • Short-term Memory: Few to several seconds
    • Long-term Memory: Minutes to a lifetime
  2. Sperling (1960)
    • Flash a grid of letters, then tone indicates which line to report
    • People can get all items with tones, even when cued after.
    • Using iconic (visual sensory) memory to extract out information
    • When cue is delayed, performance drops off (illustrating length of time of iconic memory)
  3. Sensory Memory - Function
    Retain all the sensory input long enough for analysis by unconscious mental processes, and transfer to STM via attention
  4. William James and Memory
    • Primary memory - short term memory
    • Secondary memory - long term memory
  5. STM vs. LTM
    • STM
    • -Active contents of consciousness
    • -Active nodes in LTM
    • -Fast access to contents
    • -Limited capacity

    • LTM
    • -Not currently in consciousness
    • -Inactive until cued
    • -Slower access
    • -Unlimited capacity
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