Review (piaget)

  1. erik erikson
    • develped the 8 stages ranging from birth to later adulthood
    • studied stages of human beings and was most interested in the social factors that contribute to a persons development
  2. Piaget
    • studied the thought processes of children
    • known for his description and studies for schemas
  3. biopsychology
    involves the study of neurons, dendrites, the cell body and axons
  4. behavioral psychology
    the study of observable and overt actions
  5. sigmund freud
    • developed a theory of personality and employed a type of therapy know as psychoanalysis
    • controversial cuz of the emphasis on human sexuality as the major influence upon an individuals personality
  6. John Watson
    This individual is criticized for his use of children in the study of childhood behavior
  7. humanistic psychology
    carl rogers was a major contributor
  8. psychoanalytic/psychodynamic and evolutionary
    view the human behavior as shaped and determined by external causes beyond personal control
  9. biopsychosocial perspective
    the model combines and interacts with the seven major psychological perspectives
  10. evolutionary psychology
    emphasizes natural selection and adaptation
  11. B.F. Skinner
    developed the theory of operant conditoning
  12. The reapperance of a conditioned response after extinction is called
    spontaneous recovery
  13. assimilation
    absorbing new info into exsisting schemas
  14. accomodation
    adjusting old schemas or deleloping new ones to better fit info
  15. schema
    cognitive structure or patterns consisting of ideas that can grow and change
  16. sensimotor stage
    • first stage
    • schemas are developed through motor activities
  17. object permanence
    infants understanding that objects continue to exist even when they cannot be seen, heard, or touched
  18. prepositional stage
    • second stage 2-7
    • doesnt understand object permanence
  19. concrete operational stage
    egocentric: world revolves around them, anamistic, cant think hypothetically
  20. formal operational stage
    11 and up, adolecent egocentrism
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