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  1. What 2 cells line the non-epithelial lining of the iris?
    Fibroblasts and Melanocytes
  2. When does gastrulation begin?
    day 15
  3. What "-derm" forms the eye?
    Ectoderm (part of CNS etc...)
  4. When does neurulation begin?
    Day 17
  5. When do the cranial and caudal neuropores close?
    • Cranial = Day 25
    • Caudal = Day 27
  6. When do the two optic grooves form?
    Week 4, before cranial neuropore closes
  7. What two layers form the lens placode?
    • Ectoderm
    • Optic vesicles (from optic grooves)
  8. At what week do the optic vesicle and lens placode begin to invaginate (optic cup)?
    Week 5
  9. From the fetus to adult, what does the hyeloid artery become?
    Central artery of the retina
  10. What connects the optic cup to the forebrain?
    Optic stalk (Eventually becomes optic nerve)
  11. What "-dermal" layer forms the sclera and stroma of the eye and its parts?
  12. What genetic marker initiates optic stalk differentiation?
  13. What genetic marker initiates optic cup and lens differentiation?
  14. What genetic marker inactivates PAX6 in order to activate PAX2?
    SHH from prechordal plate
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