Intro to Flowering Plant Form and Fxn

  1. Meristems
    • Seedlings and mature plants produce new tissue in areas
    • Is a region of undifferentiated cells that produce new tissues by cell division
    • Mature plants have shoot and root apical meristems
    • Dormant meristem occurs at shoot and root tips of seed embryos
  2. Plant body is composed of 3 types of organs:
    • Stem-produce leaves, branches and bear the reproductive structures
    • Leaves-flattened structures often specialized for photosynthesis
    • Roots-provide anchorage in the soil and foster efficient uptake of water & minerals
  3. Shoot system
    Multiple stems and leaves of plant
  4. Root system
    Aggregate of plant's roots
  5. Reproductive Development
    • Plants produce flowers, seeds, and fruits
    • Flower and floral buds are reproductive shoots that develop when shoot apical meristems produce flower parts instead of new stem tissues and leaves
    • Flower tissues enclose and protect tiny male and female gametophytes
  6. Plant growth and development-Four essential processes
    Cell division, growth, cell specialization, and apoptosis
  7. Primary meristems
    • Plant embryos grow into seedlings by adding new cells from two growth points:
    • Shoot Apical Meristem (SAM)
    • Root Apical Meristem (RAM)
  8. SAM and RAM both produce:
    • Protoderm-generates dermal tissue
    • Procambium-produces vascular tissues
    • Ground meristem-produces ground tissues defined by location
  9. Xylem
    Conducts water and minerals
  10. Phloem
    Carries sugar products of photosynthesis
  11. Eudicots Root
    taproot system with a main root that produces branch roots
  12. Monocots Root
    Fibrous root system with multiple roots
  13. Leaf Form:
    • Simple-only one blade, advantageous in shade by providing maximal light absorption
    • Complex or compd leaves- dissected into leaflets, common in hot environments for heat dissipation
  14. Eudicots Leaf
    have pinnate or palmate venation
  15. Monocots Leaf
    Have parallel venation
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Intro to Flowering Plant Form and Fxn
Intro to Flowering Plant Form and Fxn